Before 04: Before You Go to a Conference

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Before you go to a conference, what sort of questions are going to help you get the most out of it:

  • Do I have a way of recording what I have heard? For example, an expensive notebook. The more expensive the notebook the better care you will take of it, and the better care you will take of your notes.
  • Have I got a way of minimising distractions while I am there? Are there things I can put off, or things I have to get done so that when the conference is on my attention is 100% there?
  • Have I prayed? Have I spent time asking the Lord what He wants me to get from the conference? Have I spent time building myself up so I can get the most out of it?
  • Have I got a plan to make this conference part of the process of my life? I don’t want to career from conference to conference and never have it change the process of my life! Life is built by process not events, so what is my plan?
  • Have I got enough sleep and am I eating right so I am 100% in the session?

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