Jesus Christ is Coming Back 01: Daniel Had 70 Weeks

Historical and chronological ramifications of inaccurately interpreting  Daniel chapter 9 – Judas Maccabeus and the Downfall of Gog

To understand the return of Jesus Christ, you have to start in the Old Testament, specifically the 70 “weeks” – each seven years long, a week of years so to speak – that Daniel was told about prophetically. The entire great tribulation and every prophetic word in the Old and New Testament about this final period of time after the rapture and before the Millennium takes place in this seven year period that is the final week of Daniel’s 70 weeks. The 70th week.

Now the foundation for understanding this is that the church is raptured before this 70th week begins. It is not a period of time for the church, it is for Israel. God dealt with Israel for many years, then after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God pressed pause on dealing with Israel and started dealing with the church. However, Israel is not finished with yet – they still have one period of seven years left, the final week in Daniel’s prophetic word.

The first 69 weeks have all happened in the past, before Jesus died and rose again. Then we entered the age of the church before the final week took place. But one day, the church will disappear. We will be removed from planet earth by the Saviour of the church, the Lord Jesus Christ. You see the final 70th week of years for Israel cannot begin until the church has been raptured, and God again begins to deal with Israel again.

This seven year period of time will be the worst period of time the earth has ever seen. The church will not be there, which will be the main reason that the world will be so corrupt and evil. But for us who are Christians right now, we will be in Heaven for those seven years, having the best seven years of our life. You have to grasp and understand this, or you will get confused. The amount of Christians asking me questions about is this or that the mark of the beast, when the mark of the beast cannot be something that appears until after every single Christian will leave planet earth. No-one who is a Christians right now will ever be in a position to take the mark of the beast. Anything that you could take right now whether it is an ID card, a chip in your phone, 5g, a vaccine, a chip inside your body, a tattoo of a barcode – that is not and cannot be the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast cannot happen until we reach Heaven, so stop speculating, stop worrying, stop spreading fear and start looking to Jesus and praising Him!

You can read about Daniel’s weeks in Daniel 9.24-27. In fact, you should read these verses, because in the next post we will start to go through this verses and see what is in there!

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