Don’t Fall off the Bridge 07: Getting Out of a Mess

PM Network - February 2018 - Choosing the Right Path

If you are committing the sin of fornication (sex before marriage) or adultery (sex outside of marriage), you need to not just repent, you need to get out of the mess you have made. Here are the steps you need to embrace:

  1. Be Honest
    • If you are trying to get out of a sexually immoral relationship, you need to be honest. If you have a problem, and you need help you need to be open about it. I do not mean you tell everyone. If you are sick, you do not tell everyone, you go discretely to the doctor. If you are sick in your soul and engaged in sex outside of marriage, you go and tell your pastor. No one can help you unless you talk about it and tell people the problem.
    • If you are involved in fornication or adultery, you need help. That is not disputable – you need help. But the question is do you want help? If you do, then you need to share your situation honestly with someone who knows how to help. Without the belt of truth, your pants will not be held up!
    • Part of being honest is taking responsibility for your actions. Do not blame satan, do not blame demons, do not blame the other party, do not blame your spouse, do not call it something little or a little indiscretion. Be honest with what you have done – been carnal, selfish, arrogant and foolish. Be aware of what you are and what you did. It is the only way to freedom.
  2. Pray!
    • You need to start fellowshipping with the Lord and gaining a revelation of His love, His power, His will. When you pray, you build yourself up – and you need to be strong to resist a temptation that you have previously yielded to.
    • Jesus told his disciples to pray – or they would enter into temptation (that’s in Luke 22.46). If you do not pray, you will fall for temptations! It’s that simple.
    • I know a day I woke up and felt I really needed to pray, I prayed in tongues for about five hours. At the end of that day, someone really hurt one of my children, and I was so tempted to rip their head off and deal with them in a very carnal way, but I didn’t, I walked in love and peace. That prayer time saved me! You need to understand the power of speaking in tongues and not just in a theoretical way – you need to pray!
  3. Receive Grace
    • No matter what you have done, you are recepient of God’s grace. You cannot get free by having better sex with your spouse (but it helps), you cannot get free by setting up a system of accountability (but it helps), you cannot get free by telling someone (but it really helps), you cannot get free by declarations and hearing the Word (but it helps). You only get free by the grace of God, but the good news is that the grace of God is always available for you. It is grace that has brought you safe thus far, and grace will bring you home!
    • Turn yourself to Jesus and thank Him for His grace. Celebrate His grace and goodness!

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