Don’t Fall off the Bridge 13 Don’t Be Loyal and Disloyal

When a pastor appoints deacons, they must according to Scripture not appoint someone who is “double-tongued” (1 Tim. 3.8). This is because every single church has people in it who have not one but two tongues. One speaks nice things, the other speaks nasty things.

Charles Wesley wrote a song about wanting a thousand tongues to sing God’s praise. but every pastor is glad their people do not have one thousand tongues. We want everyone to have one tongue – a good tongue. We don’t want people to have forked tongues like snakes.

People complain about their pastor behind their back and then tell him to his face how much they loved the sermon. Double tongued! Make sure they do not become deacons and elders and pastors! Do not appoint them to leadership.

If you have a double tongue, it’s time for you to have a tongue-ectomy and have the nasty tongue removed. The one that accuses the brethren day and night, the one that sounds like satan. It’s time to have it surgically removed!

I know people who worship God, they sing loudly, they sing above everyone else in the room, but they are so petty, so critical, so rebellious. They have two tongues. God told the Israelites that their sacrifices were an abomination to them (Isaiah 1.13) because they had a secret other tongue that was ripping people apart. So many people use one tongue to say “I love you Lord”, then use the other tongue to say “I hate you, and you, and you and you and you!” Some men praise Jesus then lie to a woman in church to seduce them and use them. Outwardly the people love Jesus but their second tongue does not!

Hosea says that their goodness is like a morning cloud, by the afternoon it is gone (Hosea 6.4). If you spend enough time with these people you would know they are evil, but they can manage a Sunday morning most times. The family would know, the neighbours would know. The colleagues at work might or might not know.

Their goodness and niceness is temporary and only used to get along in church. We must not be those who have two tongues, or two faces.

We need to get control of our tongues. We need to repent of gossip, slander, and talking behind people’s backs. It’s not right, and it is one of the things that will cause you to fall of the bridge, fall right out of your destiny, and fall right out of walking with Jesus.

If you want a tongue-ectomy – you need to do two things. Firstly, admit you have a problem. Don’t lie with your tongue, don’t blame “them” – admit you have a problem. Then you yield to God – you speak out loud “Sin, you do not control my tongue. I will not yield my tongue to sin, I will use my tongue to glorify God and only that”.

It’s really simple to do, but you need to be strong in this, choose to keep speaking words for God’s glory.

Go for it – praise HIM!

Published by Tree of Life Church

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