Principles for Local Church 05 Tithe

One of the things that you must do be a loyal and mature contributor to a local church is tithe. A tithe is taking 10% of your financial increase and giving it to the local church. Abraham tithed, Isaac tithed, Jacob tithed. Part of living with the blessing of Abraham is to be a tither like Abraham.

Jacob made a vow before God to serve God, build the house of the Lord and tithe. Those things are awesome things and they go together. If you are not building the local church, you are not serving God. If you are not tithing you are not building the local church or servigin God.

You see the truth that you must accept is very simple – only God can provide for you, only God can look after you financially and only God can revolutionise your money situation. As you trust God to look after your money, you start to tithe, and show that trust in your consistent and regular giving.

Most people have no understanding of how powerful the tithe is, how powerful tithing is. Tithing is a step of faith that causes grace to manifest, it is a way of showing that you genuinely trust the Lord. Words are cheap, but tithing is proof that you know God can provide when you believe and act on His Word.

The tithe is what will cause you to be rich, and cause you to manifest the blessing of Abraham, and cause you to walk in victory. As an added bonus, you will help the local church grow and develop too! What a deal.

Published by Tree of Life Church

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