Principles of Success 25 Get More Money

One of the goals of Billy Epperhart’s Money Mastery Course is once you have got your income above your expenses every month to create enough passive income that it is more than your active income. Active income is trading your time and energy for money. Passive income is trading your money for more money. With active money, you work for the money. With passive money, your money works for more money.

In the UK, less than 4% of people have any form of passive income. That’s not wise. Listen, it does not matter how much you are paid per hour, if you are paid for your time, you are doing life wrong. Charge by the job, not the hour, and learn how to invest money to make money.

Think just 3 people in every hundred are using money to make money. Most people do not even have money to invest, so that’s the first step. Start expecting money to come in, deal with your over-spending and get yourself to a place where you can invest money, even a little every month. Then learn how to invest.

Starting to do this gives you more time to do the most important things – read the Word, pray, dream, expect, imagine, developing faith and wisdom. As Christians we should be in the top 3% of the population as a minimum – dream right now of having passive income, of having income from investments, of walking in your dreams.

DREAM BIGGER! Imagine yourself as a rich person because as you think in your heart so are you – paint the picture in your mind and see it! Your ability to imagine and dream is the most powerful force on earth! Imagine yourself out of debt and get yourself where you need to be!

Published by Tree of Life Church

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