The Tree of Life Network is a growing network of growing churches.  Our sole purpose is to inspire you to dream, and challenge you to live the dream.  Our founder, Benjamin Conway, has been a Christian for over 20 years and has traveled the world teaching people the good news of a God who loves them just the way they are, and who sent His Son to set them free from sin, sickness, shame and poverty.

We currently have branches (pun intended!) in Dagenham, Guildford and Watford.  We are planting churches in Colchester and Cambridge in the next two years.

For more information about the network, please go to http://www.treeoflifechurch.org.uk

For more information about Benjamin Conway, please go to http://www.benjaminconway.net

9 thoughts on “About

  1. I have been pastoring on the net for decades, mainly because when I first started out there was a big vacum, void, a real shortage of the true word of God, and during that time is has been difficult for me to find acceptable Christian sites that I could recommend to others. I am glad that I am able to recommend your great Biblical sites to others. http://mccainvrsobama.wordpress.com/

  2. Bless you non-conformer.

    I agree, so much of the web is full of people that want to tear down the Word of God, many of them unfortunately are professing to be Christians, yet do not show the love of Christ, but a self-righteousness and a superiority complex.

    It is great to meet someone who loves and accepts the Word fully.


  3. Hey Ben!

    Thanks for putting a link to FaithMama.com on your blog!

    I didn’t know you had a blog… so glad to read your stuff!

    Keep the faith!

    Tina aka FaithMama

  4. Hi Ben, been enjoying reading your blog and your church sounds great. If you email me in the address given then I can reply with my house address. Great to get in contact with like-minded folk.
    Heather x

  5. wondering what happened to troy j. edwards. really liked his imput on the word of faith movement. it appears his web page is gone. thanks for having some of his articles.

    harold hodgson

  6. Ben, I just discovered your blog and am really enjoying it! Praise God for ministries like yours! I particularly loved your posts on “What Kenneth Copeland Teaches” – very inspired, divinely guided and organized – thank you. I am a Partner with their ministry and never had a closer relationship with the Lord before I learned from them. God bless you and your ministry!

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