Faith Camp ’09

This week has been the annual camp of Colin Urquhart’s Kingdom Faith Church.  We have been for several years, but haven’t been for the last couple of years due to moving to London and having other conferences a lot closer.

However, this year we took the chance to watch the meetings through live streaming (at a cost of £20 for the week).  Every morning we have spent 3 hours listening to the morning meeting and every evening a couple of horus watching the evening meeting.  Colin Urquhart has preached some very clear and powerful messages about what we should let define us as Christians, his son Clive preached a very challenging message on being prepared to move with the cloud and Bengt Wedemalm preached such a powerful and personal message of faith and victory.

Amanda and Lydia are going up there today until Saturday so please pray for them to be blessed in all that they do there.  Also pray for me and the boys – we are still going to watch the streamed meeting, do some evangelism, have some father-son time and get the house all nice for mum!

If you want to listen to the meetings,  You can watch the last couple of days for just £3 a meeting – some of the most inspirational and impacting teachings I think you will find in the UK, if not the world.