The Sower Sows the Word (VII)

Today, we are wrapping up our study on the things that stop us from producing the results promised in the Word happening in our lives. We have looked at the danger of not fighting for the Word, for only listening to the Word on an emotional level, of allowing money and wealth to dictate toContinue reading “The Sower Sows the Word (VII)”

Restoration of Hope

Tree of Life Church believes that the wonderful news of redemption should be broadcast to the ends of the earth. Here is some information about a couple that have laid down their lives in service of the kingdom of God. They are true heroes: Restoration of Hope began as a dream in the heart ofContinue reading “Restoration of Hope”

The Sower Sows the Word (V)

The Deceitfulness of Riches Mark 4.19 tells us that one of the things that will choke the Word of God out of you and that will stop it producing results in your life is the deceitfulness of riches. Today we will look at the deceitfulness of riches and find out what it is and howContinue reading “The Sower Sows the Word (V)”