Angels and Demons – New Sermon

New Sermon – Angels Angels and Demons – Tree of Life Church London In this message Benjamin teaches from the Scripture about what angels are and how humans encounter angels, all the time calling for a balance on this controversial topic and ensuring that we use the Bible as our measuring guide and exalt JesusContinue reading “Angels and Demons – New Sermon”

Holiness Unto the Lord (Tongues Message by John G. Lake)

Holiness Unto the Lord Tongues and Interpretation, Rev. John G. Lake Spokane, Washington, March 6, 1916 Holiness is the character of God. The very substance of His being and essence of His nature is purity. The purpose of God in the salvation of mankind is to produce in man a kindred holiness, a radiant purityContinue reading “Holiness Unto the Lord (Tongues Message by John G. Lake)”