‘Delay divorce to save marriages’ says report

http://www.christian.org.uk/news/20090715/delay-divorce-to-save-marriages-says-report/ Couples seeking a divorce should have a compulsory three-month “cooling off” period first, according to a leading social policy think tank. It also recommends marriage classes before tying the knot and counselling to help prevent marriages from breaking down. The suggestions come in a new report produced by the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ)Continue reading “‘Delay divorce to save marriages’ says report”

Split parents harm kids into adult life (Christian Institute)

Children whose parents separate are likely to suffer “enduring” problems with their education, mental health and future relationships, a Government-commissioned report reveals. Children whose parents divorce are twice as likely to become divorced themselves as adults, the report says. Girls are often hit by the consequences of their parents’ separation later in life, experiencing moreContinue reading “Split parents harm kids into adult life (Christian Institute)”