Kenneth Hagin Prophecy on Restoration (2003)

On February 18, 2003, the Lord gave the Body of Christ a glimpse into the future through the following prophecy, delivered by Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin during the annual Winter Bible Seminar in Tulsa, OK. Many are concerned about the future and they wonder what will happen. Will darkness overtake, or will the light shineContinue reading “Kenneth Hagin Prophecy on Restoration (2003)”

Without Faith it is Impossible to Please God

I was listening to a radio preacher this week who quoted Hebrews 11.6: “Without faith it is impossible to please God.” The preacher then said after reading this Scripture that he didn’t know why it was that we needed faith to please God. That surprised me because I always considered that it was obvious whyContinue reading “Without Faith it is Impossible to Please God”

The Sower Sows the Word (IV)

Firstly, thanks for your patience in waiting for part IV of our series on the Sower Sows the Word. I know I said I would be able to continue tomorrow and that was about ten days ago, however, we went to Wales for Christmas and New Year and did not really have access the internet.Continue reading “The Sower Sows the Word (IV)”