Romans 1.2

(Which he had promised afore by his prophets in the holy scriptures,)

This verse here is speaking about the gospel or good news (happy news) that is mentioned in verse 1.

Paul is telling us two things about the good news:

1. It was promised before it happened
2. It is found in the Scriptures.

Point 1 is just remarkable – no other religion has a leader who fulfills prophetic word after prophetic word after prophetic word. We knew hundreds of years before Jesus was ever born that He would be born in Bethlehem, born in the lineage of David, born to a virgin, that He should grow in grace, heal the sick, be a light to the darkness, preach the good news, open blind eyes, preach liberty to the captives. We knew He would be nailed to a cross, with pierced hands and feet, surrounded by evildoers, buried by a wealthy man, and that He paid the price for our sin and our iniquities.

There are 333 prophetic words just about Jesus’ first coming in the Old Testament. Here are just a few for your study time:

His Birth
Old Testament Prophecy: Isaiah 7:14
Fullfillment in Jesus: Matthew 1:18,22,23
His Birthplace
Old Testament Prophecy: Micah 5:2
Fullfillment in Jesus: Luke 2:4,6,7
His Childhood in Egypt
Old Testament Prophecy: Hosea 11:1
Fullfillment in Jesus: Matthew 2:14-15
The Purpose for His Death
Old Testament Prophecy: Isaiah 53:4-6
Fullfillment in Jesus: 1 Corinthians 5:21; 1 Peter 2:24
His Betrayal
Old Testament Prophecy: Zechariah 11:12-13; 13:6
Fullfillment in Jesus: Matthew 26:14-16; 27:3-10
His Crucifixion
Old Testament Prophecy: Psalm 22
Fullfillment in Jesus: Matthew 27
His Resurrection
Old Testament Prophecy: Psalm 16:9-10
Fullfillment in Jesus: Acts 2:31

(List from Campus Crusade for Christ)

If you think about it this proves beyond the shadow of a doubt to anyone with an open mind that Jesus is Lord and that God is real.

The second thing Paul tells us about the good news is that it is found in Scripture. Your source of power, your source of life is not found in the TV, not found in church, not found in prayer, not found in friends, not found in emotions, not found in the latest worship song, but found in the Scriptures.

If you want to be separated to the happy news and be a happy person spreading love, joy, healing and prosperity wherever you go: get in the Scriptures, that is where the news is found.

Glory and freedom,

Romans 1.1

Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God,

I am going to daily post a sequential verse of Romans and make commentary on it.  I hope you enjoy.  Please feel free to make comments as per the blog system, regards.

The gospel is the Greek word euaggelion which means good news or happy news. There is no Hebrew equivalent because the Old Testament does not bring good news, only the news that Jesus Christ has completely paid the price for your sin, that you are not under law but under grace, that you are completely free from sin, sickness and poverty is good news.

Paul was separated to the gospel. What are you separated unto? Paul was utterly devoted to the gospel – anything that got in the way of the gospel Paul just did not pay attention to. Think about that – if anything in your life does not increase the gospel in your life: does not increase the amount of good news that is in your heart, then just ignore it. Turn that TV programme off, distance yourself from that person, and throw that religious book in the bin. If it is not making you glad, what is your fascination with it?

Get separated unto the gospel. Whatever it takes get it. Because what you are separated to, what you fill your heart with will produce in your life. You are what you think, so think the gospel.

Glory and freedom,