Tree of Life Church

Tree of Life Church is a growing Network of growing churches.  We are a church where you can love and be loved, valued for who you are, missed if you are not there and released into your full potential.

Our motto is: “A family church with a world vision” – we want everyone to feel like they are family and that they are welcome and loved, but we also want to be able to impact the nations of the world with anointing preaching, life changing missions work and practical help and compassion.  Our purpose is to inspire you to dream, and to challenge you to live the dream.

The network was founded by Benjamin Conway, and his awesome wife Amanda, and they are working to build churches across England that are full of the Word, full of the Spirit, full of the nations and full of love.

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4 thoughts on “Tree of Life Church

  1. Greetings dear ones…
    I just happend to find your website because I was doing a google search on Elijah and clicked on your page. I am part of IHOP (International House Of Prayer) in the US and because of your location I thought I would share, if you don’t already know, that a team is being sent out to England to hold awakening services at the end of this month and into the beginning of November. What a wonderful way to partner together! Anyway, if you are interested in recieving more info you can go to for locations and dates that might work for you and your church family.
    Much blessing in you and through you!

  2. Praise God!!
    I love house fellowships, it’s organic and keeps things less structured and religious traditions far away.
    Thankyou + blessings,

  3. hi, i contacted you earlier last month asked about Troy Edwards site was gone and you did respond back to me and somehow i lost your email. you were surprised that Troys page was gone and you were to call him and see if all is ok. i also noticed he has not responded in a while on the christian word of faith forum, and eventually, other responders, at times, have asked, where are certain people they havnt heard from in a while, but nobody as yet have has asked recently where he is. i miss his input on the forum. His user name on the forum, which you probably know is Victoryword. by the way if you are part of the forum, it is awesome. thank you

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