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What You Cannot Do


One cannot grow in righteousness. He may grow in Righteousness consciousness, but he already is the righteousness of God in Christ.

One cannot grow in sonship. One may grow in sonship consciousness and learn to enjoy his privileges and rights in the family.

We can grow in grace. Grace is the first fruits of love. Grace is the love bearing fruit.

“I am the vine; you are the branches.” The vine is love, the fruits are grace.

We are the grace of God unveiled. We are sons of God, and as such we grow in fruit bearing. We increase in usefulness. We can grow in gentleness, in tenderness, in the beauty of the Master. We may grow in love.

– E. W. Kenyon, from The Hidden Man

About treeoflifelondon

Tree of Life Church is a dynamic new church recently planted in London. We have branches in Dagenham, Guildford and Watford. Pastor Ben is a Christian who preaches the Word with integrity and anointing. He loves seeing Christians released into ministering into signs and wonders, perfect peace and being able to walk in their destiny.

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