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So Excited About Church!


I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed church as much as I have today.

Including my wife and myself there were only 4 adults present, but it was such a beautiful service. It was what I always dreamed church should be like: people are loved and are loving, people can share their deepest needs and people are stepping forward in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Please pray for us for wisdom and boldness at this time. We have applied to the local council for a hall to use starting in August and intend to have a “Wonderful News” crusade in the week preceding starting our public meetings again. All is very very exciting at the moment…


About treeoflifelondon

Tree of Life Church is a dynamic new church recently planted in London. We have branches in Dagenham, Guildford and Watford. Pastor Ben is a Christian who preaches the Word with integrity and anointing. He loves seeing Christians released into ministering into signs and wonders, perfect peace and being able to walk in their destiny.

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