An Open Letter Regarding HEAL THE NATIONS

Heal the Nations is our annual conference.  On Wed 20th August, our second Heal the Nations kicks off.  We have an amazing array of guest speakers and we have a great worship leader.  We also have great ushers and hospitality people—a massive thanks for everyone who is involved.  I really love and appreciate you andContinue reading “An Open Letter Regarding HEAL THE NATIONS”

The Deception of Hypo-Grace

Hi there, As the pastor of Tree of Life Church, we are unashamed of the fact that we are a grace church.  Our heart beats with the sound of God’s unconditional, unmerited, undeserved, unending, unfathomable, unbeatable grace.  Paul said that it is by grace we are saved (Ephesians 2.5) and that it was the grace of theContinue reading “The Deception of Hypo-Grace”

Melvin Banks Healing Crusade

People got out of wheelchairs, people laid down their walking sticks, and people got born again! Praise the Lord! Despite a room with some terrible acoustics (we will never hire that hall again!) and despite some of our regulars being away for family reasons, we still had 81 people on Saturday night and over 50Continue reading “Melvin Banks Healing Crusade”

Radio Ministry

Become a Radio Partner The day Benjamin started preached the series on Destiny and Destination in the church, the Holy Spirit spoke to him clearly to start a weekly radio show within London and that this would be the next step in fulfilling his destiny and reaching his destination. Now an exciting opportunity has openedContinue reading “Radio Ministry”

Wonderful News Healing Crusade

Wonderful News Healing Crusade! Melvin Banks has seen the deaf hear, the lame and crippled walk and lives completely changed by the power of God for over 40 years of ministry. He is known throughout the world as an evangelist who preaches the Word of God with honestly, simplicity and integrity. And now – forContinue reading “Wonderful News Healing Crusade”

When Dreams Come True

I have just uploaded our fourth and fifth parts to our building a foundation for success series: Part 4: Gifts, Operations and Offices Every Christian has something they can bring to the local church. Every Christian can operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Every Christian can flow in the power of God.Continue reading “When Dreams Come True”

Celebrate India Weekend (31st Oct – 1st Nov)

You are invited to a Celebrate India weekend in our church next weekend. On Saturday 31st Oct we are having a Celebrate India evening with genuine Indian food, testimonies from people who have been brought up in India and found Christ there, some information about the church and orphanage we support in India and someContinue reading “Celebrate India Weekend (31st Oct – 1st Nov)”

New Sermon on Faith and Hope!

New message on faith and hope at our church website:…ober-2009.html What is the difference between faith and hope? What should I hope for? How can I, in my life, have hope? This message will answer your questions and inspire you to be a person of vision. Hebrews 11.1 tells us that faith is theContinue reading “New Sermon on Faith and Hope!”

The Blog is Back in Town…

Hey all, Thanks for continually reading this blog and searching through it and reading some of the faith filled articles.  I haven’t updated it for ages due to a whole host of reasons.  Mainly I have been busy and I was not convinced that this blog was the most constructive use of my time. HoweverContinue reading “The Blog is Back in Town…”