Healing and the Anointing (And A FREE BOOK!)

The gifts of healings are part of the ministry of the Holy Spirit and they are awesome to watch.  People being spectacularly healed before your very eyes, people receiving the anointing of God in a tangible way and then being set free from horrific malignant diseases.  Awesome!

This weekend we are going to watch Melvin Banks minister through the gifts of healings and it is going to be wonderful.  Come and see the miracles if you can!

But the gifts of healings often bring confusion to the church as often people leave healing meetings not healed.  The person in the seat next to them was powerfully touched and healed, but they were bypassed.

This is due to the fact that the gifts of healings are as the Holy Spirit wills.

But do not be in despair if this happens to you.  The gifts of healings are an accelerant: they are like petrol on a bonfire, they make everything burn quicker, they make the healing come quicker.

But even without the gifts of healings – if you stand on the WORD you will be healed.

If God did not heal you using the gifts of healings, don’t despair, get excited!

This means that God TRUSTS you to stand on His Word.  And as you stand on the Word of God, the power of the Holy Spirit inside you will manifest and your healing will come.   You are healed by His stripes and as you listen to that and say that and visualise that, your healing will come.

Then you will know God as Healer in a way you would never know Him if you had a healing through the gifts.  Watch carefully at healing meetings and you will see it is the non-Christians and the baby Christians that get healed through the gifts of healings.  You are expected to grow up and stand up for your own healing.  You have to reach a stage where you welcome men of God, but you don’t need them because you have become a man (or woman!) of God yourself!

For more Biblical teaching on this topic, and to hear Pastor Benjamin’s testimony of how God led him to stop looking for men of God and start being a man of God, purchase his book Rivers and Wells, or email us on ben@treeoflifechurch.org.uk THIS WEEK ONLY for a free copy of the PDF download.

Wonderful News Healing Crusade

Wonderful News Healing Crusade!

Melvin Banks has seen the deaf hear, the lame and crippled walk and lives completely changed by the power of God for over 40 years of ministry.

He is known throughout the world as an evangelist who preaches the Word of God with honestly, simplicity and integrity.

And now – for three days only – he will be in Dagenham with Tree of Life Church.  This is a sign of divine favour on our church and we are believing for awesome signs and wonders and salvations for these days.

Saturday 21st August 7pm
Sunday 22nd August 9.30am

Both these services are in Dagenham Park Leisure Centre.  For directions click here.  All services are free of charge, and all are welcome.  To reserve seats please contact us.

In addition, on Thursday 9th September at 7pm, Melvin Banks is joining us in Harmony House for a Special Free Buffet.  Again, all are welcome – but it would be preferable to call and let us know if you are coming for the purposes of preparing appropriate amounts of food!

Wonderful Newsletter from the Osborns on God’s faith in humanity…

Dear Benjamin,
testimony ldo

I am amazed by God’s great trust in people! Imagine, after all that Christ accomplished at the cross to redeem “whosoever will” back to God, He then turned over to PEOPLE the task of telling the world this GOOD NEWS to the people! This is the greatest trust!

Love, Hope & Healing

Because of God’s trust in you and us, we confidently announce His message of LOVE, HOPE and HEALING to people everywhere. Wherever we go, He confirms His word with signs and wonders.

This is Christ’s ministry continued today. This is His Early Church action duplicated today. THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE DOING THROUGH YOUR PARTNERSHIP WITH US, OUR FOCUSED AND EFFECTIVE MINISTRY.

When you see the multitudes that gather, you will also see the ripe harvest!crowd singles 2 2

Be Bold & Passionate

Today I am encouraging you to be BOLD and PASSIONATE about your ministry to all nations of the world. Just as Indonesia is experiencing the impacting POWER of the Gospel, so every nation needs to hear the true message of Christ and see His living wonders.  We must press forward with FAITH and TRUST in our God who TRUSTS us!

Letters and emails of request are pouring in with requests from sincere believers and pastors, to send books or teaching materials, and to come help them learn how to continue Jesus’ ministry in their own nations. We take these requests seriously, because God has entrusted His Gospel to us and we are committed to passing it on throughout the world.LDO preach 59 2

Thank you for caring with us! Your friendship and association in the love-ministry of Christ is very encouraging. Your prayers and partnership with us in global evangelism MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE.

Now is the time for FAITH and for ACTION!

Your Partner in Gospel Ministry,

Dr. LaDonna

Street Witnessing 27th July 2009

As our Wonderful News Healing Crusade is fast approach (first meeting two weeks tomorrow!) I am going out street witnessing and inviting people to the meetings.  Today, I stood outside the main shopping centre in Ilford and handed out tracts and spoke to people for about 2 hours.

There was not much in the way of conversation going on – mainly because people were clearly in a hurry to get home for dinner (I understand that!) and from work (I understand that too!).  I started a bit later than I intended to because when I arrived in Ilford, the heavens opened – not the glory ones but the raining ones!  I had to take refuge in a bookshop until the rain stopped.

People were on the whole willing to take a leaflet.  Asians in particular were remarkably polite and willing to talk.  One genetleman from Sri Lanka who was a born again Christian had recently lost his job.  We prayed on the street together for him to find work, and chatted for a while.  He promised to come to the crusade on at least one night.

Thanks everyone who prayed for boldness for me and for open doors of communication today.  Please pray for the same tomorrow when I am going to Barkingside.

20000 people born again in Indonesia! Praise the Lord!

Dear Benjamin,

We are on the front lines of evangelism in the city of Kupang, Indonesia. This city is located on the Western edge of the island of Timor. This is the first time in the history of Kupang to experience an evangelism event of this kind . You may follow our day to day report at osbornministries.blogspot.com. This mission began with a letter of invitation from the pastors of Kupang inviting me to come and help them in evangelism. I responded and began making many months of preparations.

The first event in Kupang was a three-day Osborn Gospel Seminar for pastors, church leaders and believers. More than 1,100 people gathered each day to learn the fundamentals of Biblical ministry today. They responded with amazement at the simplicity of our profound teachings. The Seminar climaxed with the distribution of books written in Indonesian. Three titles were given FREE as a Gospel library: “God’s Big Picture”(an overview of the Bible story of redemption, from Genesis to Revelation); “New Miracle Life Now” (the Gospel of Christ presented in terminology that relates to the Eastern mind); and “The Good Life”(a Bible School between two covers, including more than 1,400 Scriptures). This great financial investment will produce enormous spiritual dividends. Before we distributed the books, I informed the believers about you and your financial sacrifice that made the book gifts possible. Together we prayed for YOU, that God would bless you because of your love for others. You would have been so moved to hear these precious Indonesian Christians praying for you. It was truly in the work of Christ. WE ARE ALL LABORERS TOGETHER with Him.

Following the Seminar, the Christians were dispatched throughout the city to invite the people to attend our Festival of Prayer & Miracles. On two occasions I ministered on radio to the entire island (and beyond), encouraging the people to come and learn how to receive miracles from Christ. I told them, “We have been sent by God to bring blessing and healing to you. Come to the Festival. Bring those who are sick. God loves you and He does not want you to suffer. Come and learn how to receive His miracle life.”

As this report is coming to you, the first day of the Festival has concluded. A great multitude of people gathered, it was estimated that 35,000 to 40,000 attended. They came bringing the sick, leading the blind, pressing to get as close to the platform as possible. The scene was the same as Bible days: “When evening had come, they brought to Him many who were demon-possessed. And He cast out the spirits with a word, and healed all who were sick” (Mt 8:16)

After I preached Christ to the people, it seemed as though 75% of the multitude raised their hands to accept this living Jesus. They were eager to believe on Jesus Christ and to receive His miracle life.

During the prayer for the sick, the people laid their hands on their own bodies. SCORES OF MIRACLES OF HEALING WERE REPORTED. Cripples who had been healed filled the platform. Some had not walked for 17 years. Stroke victims were healed and began walking. Blind and deaf were healed. Testimony after testimony was reported as the people gave public witness to the miracle power and love of Jesus Christ.

There are so many things to report. God is visiting Kupang with His healing and saving life. He is faithful to confirm His word when it is proclaimed with faith.

Remember to visit osborministries.blogspot.com to see the daily reports of the Kupang Festival of Prayer and Miracles. We want you to experience this visitation of God with us. Remember that You are here with us through your prayers and your financial partnership. We need you. God needs you.

Your Partner in MISSIONS,

Dr. LaDonna Osborn

R. A. Torrey (The Pointed Personal Worker – by Don Krow)

R. A. TORREY  The Pointed Personal Worker

He sought to win to Christ the young lady whom he had been taking to dances the first time he saw her after his conversion. He says, “The first time I saw her after my conversion, I commenced to reason with her out of the Scriptures. It took two hours of talking to her, but she accepted Christ.”[1] This experience seemed prophetic of the way Torrey was to spend the rest of his life – winning people to Christ.

Reuben Archer Torrey (1856-1928), the successor to D. L. Moody in world evangelism, also rated high as a teacher, a writer, a champion of the faith once for all delivered to the saints, and especially as a personal worker. In the writer’s opinion, Dr. Torrey did more to emphasize and promote personal evangelism than any other one man since the days of the apostles.

Possessed with a brilliant, well-trained mind, he was logical, penetrating, positive, thorough and convincing, whether preaching, teaching or doing personal work. He held degrees from Yale University and divinity school and did postgraduate work in the Universities of Leipzig and Erlangen in Germany. His faith was sometimes imperiled as he battled rationalism and the higher criticism in these schools, but the grace of God and the prayers of a Christian mother brought him safely through.

From the pastorate of a Congregational church in Garrettsville, Ohio, he went to Minneapolis in spiritual stature, mastery of the Bible and evangelistic fruitfulness. D. L. Moody heard of him and brought him to Chicago in 1889 as superintendent of the Bible Institute. Here he remained until 1908, also serving for twelve years of this time as pastor of the Moody Church. In 1912 he went to Los Angeles as dean of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles for 1912-24 and pastor of the Church of the Open Door from 1915-24.

He frequently took time out to conduct large evangelistic campaigns in the major cities of America and other lands.But he always kept busy in personal evangelism. George T. B. Davis, who spent ten months in 1904-05 studying the work and methods of Dr. Torrey wrote:

Another characteristic of Dr.Torrey which strongly impresses one in close touch with his work is his enthusiasm for personal work. He believes thoroughly in doing personal work, not merely in the meetings but on the streets, in street cars, on buses, on trains and steamers – everywhere. Many of the most striking parts of his sermons are the stories of his experiences in soul-winning in all parts of the world.[2]

His highest ambition was to win souls. Mr. Davis gives us these words from Dr. Torrey in the South London Tabernacle:

I would rather win souls than be the greatest king or emperor on earth; I would rather win souls than be the greatest general that ever commanded an army; I would rather win souls than be the greatest poet, or novelist, or literary man who ever walked the earth. My one ambition in life is to win as many as possible. Oh, it is the only thing worth doing, to save souls; and, men and women, we can all do it![3]

Undoubtedly his most widespread and lasting contribution to personal evangelism has been made through his books. He published HOW TO BRING MEN TO CHRIST in 1893, perhaps the first real textbook on the subject to appear in America. This book was revised and enlarged as Part I of HOW TO WORK FOR CHRIST in 1901, a book of 518 pages. No better book on practical methods of personal and public evangelism than this has ever been written. Fleming H. Revell Company has issued 21 printings of this book, and Part I, printed separately under the title, PERSONAL WORK, has gone through 24 printings. The intensely practical power of these books lies in the fact that the author tells exactly what Scripture passages to use with various types of inquirers, how to use them, and illustrates with specific cases out of his own experience.

His method of using the Scriptures in personal evangelism was to put the Bible in the hands of the inquirer and have him read a selected passage. Then Dr. Torrey would ask questions about the words and phrases of the passage until the seeker understood it. He believed that the Holy Spirit would take the Word as His sword and cut through the darkness of the unbelieving mind, bringing light and conversion.

For example, in telling how to deal with those lacking assurance of salvation, Dr. Torrey relates this experience:

I was dealing one night with a young woman who was in great distress of soul because she could not see that she had forgiveness of sin. I went carefully over the ground to find if she really had accepted Christ, and it appeared clear that she had. Then I read to her Acts 13:39, “By him all that believe are justified from all things.”

“Now,” I said, “who does God say in these verses are justified from all things?”

“All that believe.”

“Believe on whom?”

“Believe on Christ.”

“Do you believe on Christ?”

“I do.”

“Have you really accepted Him as your Saviour and Lord and Master?”


“Then you are sure you believe on Him?”


“And what does this verse say that all who believe are?”


“What then are you?”

She would not say, “I am justified,” but wept over the thought that her sins were not forgiven. I went over it again and again and again. At last the simple meaning of the words seemed to dawn upon her darkened mind. I asked her as before, “Who does God say are justified?”

“All that believe.”

“From what are they justified?”

“From all things.”

“Who is justified from all things?”

“All that believe.”

“Who says so?”

“God says so.”

“Do you believe?”

“I do.”

“What are you then?”

A joyous light spread over her countenance, and she said, “Why, I am justified from all things,” and immediately she turned toward her friend standing near and said to me, “Now won’t you speak to my friend about Christ?”[4]

His approach to individuals in personal work was sometimes brusque and always direct and pointed. While he tried to avoid offense and make a wholesome impression, yet there is no record that he ever tried to win people to himself first as a means of winning them to Christ. Perhaps his piercing gray eyes and somewhat stern and cold personality made it difficult to win people to himself. Apparently he always sought to win men directly to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

In complete reliance on the Holy Spirit, Dr.Torrey used the Word of God to bring lost sinners to conviction, conversion and assurance. To him the Scriptures were always in place. Whether the prospect was interested in the Bible or not, whether he believed it or not, Dr.Torrey faced him with the Word of God, stood firmly on it, and virtually drilled him through with it. One of his favorite verses was John 6:37, and a good illustration of his skill and persistence in using Scripture is his story of how he used this verse with a young man who thought he had committed the unpardonable sin. He writes:

One time I received a letter, a very heartbroken letter, from a father who was a Presbyterian minister. He wrote that he had a son who was in awful spiritual darkness. The son thought that he had committed the unpardonable sin, and he was plunged into absolute despair. Would I take him in at the Bible Institute? I replied that though I had every sympathy with him in his sorrow, the Bible Institute was not for the purpose of helping cases like these, but to train men and women for Christian service. The father continued to write, beseeching me to take his son, and got other friends to plead for him. Finally I consented to take the young man. He was sent to me under guard, lest he might do some rash thing by the way.

When he was brought to my office, I showed him a seat. As soon as the others had left the room, he began the conversation by saying, “I am possessed of the devil.”

“I think quite likely you are,” I replied, “but Christ is able to cast out devils.”

“You do not understand me,” he said, “I mean that the devil has entered into me as he did into Judas Iscariot.”

“That may be,” I answered, “but Christ came to destroy the works of the devil. Now He says in John 6:37. ‘Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.’ If you will come to Him, He will receive you and set you free from Satan’s power.”

The conversation went on in this way for some time: he constantly asserting the absolute hopelessness of his case, and I on my part constantly asserting the power of Jesus Christ and His promise, “‘Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.'” After a while I sent the young man to his room. Days and weeks passed, and we had many conversations, always on the same line, and I always holding him to John 6:37.

One day I met him in the hall of the Institute, and made up my mind that the time had come to have the battle out. I told him to sit down, and I sat down beside him.

“Do you believe the Bible?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied, “I believe everything in it.”

“Do you believe John 6:37?” I asked.

“Yes, I believe everything in the Bible.”

“Do you believe that Jesus Christ told the truth when He said, ‘Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out’?”

“Yes, I do; I believe everything in the Bible.”

“Well, then, will you come?”

“I have committed the unpardonable sin.”

“I replied, “Jesus does not say, ‘Him that hath not committed the unpardonable sin that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.’ He says, ‘Him that cometh to Me I will in on wise cast out.'”

“But I have sinned willfully after I have received the knowledge of the truth.”

“Jesus does not say, ‘Him that has not sinned willfully after he received the knowledge of the truth that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast our.’ He says, ‘Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.'”

“But I have been once enlightened, and have tasted the heavenly gift, and have fallen away, and it is impossible to renew me again unto repentance.”

“Jesus does not say,’Him that has not tasted of the heavenly gift, and has not fallen away, if he cometh to me I will in no wise cast him out.’ He says, ‘Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.'”

“But I am possessed of the devil,” he answered.

“Jesus does not say, ‘Him that is not possessed of the devil that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.’ He says, ‘Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.'”

“I mean that the devil is entered into me as he did into Judas Iscariot.”

“Jesus does not say, ‘Him that the devil has not entered into, as he did into Judas Iscariot, that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.’ He says, ‘Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.'”

“But my heart is hard as a millstone.”

“Jesus does not say, ‘If a man’s heart is soft and tender, and he come to Me, I will in no wise cast him out.’ He says, ‘Him that cometh to Me, I will in no wise cast out.'”

“But I do not know that I have any desire to come.”

“Jesus does not say, ‘Him that hath a desire to come,and comes unto Me, I will in no wise cast out. He says, `Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.'”

“But I do not know that I can come in the right way.”

“Jesus does not say, ‘Him that cometh to Me in the right way, I will in no wise cast him out.’ He says, ‘Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.'”

“Well, I don’t know that I care to come.”

“Jesus does not say, ‘Him that careth to come to Me, and comes to Me, I will in no wise cast out.’ He says, ‘Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.'”

The man’s excuses and subterfuges were exhausted. I looked him square in the face and said, “Now, will you come? Get down on your knees, and quit your nonsense.”

He knelt and I knelt by his side.

“Now,” I said, “Follow me in prayer.”

“Lord Jesus,” I said, and he repeated, “Lord Jesus.”

“My heart is as hard as a millstone.”

“My heart is as hard as a millstone,” he repeated.

“I have no desire to come unto thee.”

“I have no desire to come unto thee.”

“But thou hast said in thy Word.”

“But thou hast said in thy Word.”

“‘Him that cometh to Me I will no wise cast out.'”

“‘Him that cometh to Me I will no wise cast out.'”

“Now the best I know how I come.”

“Now the best I know how I come.”

“Thou hast said, ‘Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.'”

“Thou hast said, ‘Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.'”

“I believe this statement of Thine.”

“I believe this statement of Thine.”

“Therefore, though I don’t feel it, I believe thou hast received me.”

“Therefore, though I don’t feel it, I believe thou hast received me.”

When he had finished, I said, “Did you really come?”

He replied, “I did.”

“Has He received you?”

“I do not feel it,” he replied.

“But what does He say?”

“‘Him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.'”

“Is this true? Does Jesus tell the truth, or does He lie?”

“He tells the truth.”

“What then must He have done?”

“He must have received me.”

“Now,” I said, “go to your room: stand firmly upon this promise of Jesus Christ. The devil will give you an awful conflict, but just answer him every time with John 6:37, and stand right there, believing what Jesus says in spite of your feelings, in spite of what the devil may say, in spite of everything.”

He went to his room. The devil did give him an awful conflict, but he stood firmly on John 6:37, and came out of his room triumphant and radiant. Years have passed since then. Though the devil has tried again and again to plunge him into despair, he has stood firmly on John 6:37, and he is today being used of God to do larger work for Christ than almost any man I know.[5]

Still another example of Dr. Torrey’s method of using Scripture verses is in order, because anyone can use this particular passage the same way. Concerning the use of Isaiah 53:6, “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all,” with those desiring to be saved, Dr. Torrey says:

Get the inquirer to read the verse himself, then say to him, “The first half of this verse shows you your need of salvation, the second half shows you the provision God has made for your salvation. Read again the first half of this verse.

“Is this true of you? Have you gone astray like a sheep? Have you turned to your own way?”


“Then what are you?” Get the inquirer to say, “I am lost.”

“We will now look at the provision God has made for your salvation; read the last half of the verse.

“Who is the one in this verse upon whom our iniquity has been laid?”


“What then has God done with your sin?”

“Laid it on Christ.”

“Is it then on you any longer?”

Go over it again and again until he sees that his sin is not on him but that it is on Christ, and has been settled forever. I often use a simple illustration in making the meaning of the verse plain. I let my right hand represent the inquirer, my left hand represent Christ, and my Bible represent the inquirer’s sin.

I first lay the Bible on my right hand and say, “Now where is your sin?”

The inquirer replies, of course, “On me.”

I then repeat the last half of the verse, “The Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all,” and transfer the Bible form my right hand to my left, and ask, “Where is your sin now?”

The inquirer replies, “On Him, of course.”

I then ask, “Is it on you any longer?” and he says, “No, on Christ.” Very many people have been led out into light and joy by this simple illustration.[6]

Dr. Torrey was able to get others to do personal work, especially in his pastorates. He said:

The fourth church, of which I am now pastor, is a metropolitan church in the heart of a great city, with a membership when I took it, of eight hundred. Each one of these four churches was as different as churches could be. I started out in each by going to work to train my people to be intelligent soul-winners, so that if a revival ever should come, I would have people ready to lead others intelligently to an acceptance of Christ.

The revival did come at the end of the first year in the first church, and it has been going on ever since. From that day to this I have lived in a revival. Some people say they believe, not in spasmodic revivals, but in perpetual revivals. So do I. I not only believe in them, but since the first year of my ministry I have had a perpetual revival, and that has been due largely to the fact that I have had a trained membership.[7]

Torrey’s power in soul-winning was in large part due to his deep and constant life of prayer. When Dr. Will H. Houghton preached Dr. Torrey’s funeral sermon, he said in part:

But those who knew Dr. Torrey more intimately knew him as a man of regular and uninterrupted prayer. He knew what it meant to pray without ceasing. With hours set systematically apart for prayer, he gave himself diligently to this ministry.[8]

One of Dr. Torrey’s specialties in personal evangelism was dealing with atheists, infidels and skeptics. So well did he know their arguments and excuses, and so well did he know the Scriptures, that few of them could stand long before him. Regarding this matter, he wrote:

My ministry has been largely a ministry to skeptics, agnostics and infidels. I have had their confidence, and I have yet to meet the first infidel that was made better by infidelity. I have known men whose characters have been undermined by infidelity – countless men…

One night I went down into the audience to speak to individuals after a meeting like this. I went down to a man who sat in the last opera chair. I said, “Are you a Christian?”

“No,” he said, “I should say not. I am an infidel.”

I said, “What do you mean?”

“Well,” he said, “I don’t believe in the divinity of Christ.”

I said, “You don’t believe in the divinity of Christ?”

“No,” he said, “I don’t.”

“Well,” I said, “let us kneel right down now and tell God so.” And he turned pale. “You go and tell God what you would like to tell me.”[9]

Robert Harkness, for many years Dr. Torrey’s pianist, wrote: “He was skilled in the art of meeting the difficulties of the unbeliever. He was powerful in answering the hackneyed arguments of the infidel.”[10]

Dr. Torrey believed in thorough dealing with inquirers, as is already evident. He wished the inquirer to be saved and know it, and know why. The writer attended a meeting one time in the old Moody Church when Dr. Torrey preached. The only person answering the invitation was a little boy about eight years old. Dr. Torrey lifted him up on the platform and dealt with him kindly but firmly so the whole audience could observe and hear. His clear explanations and searching questions brought the little lad into such assurance of salvation that he gave his testimony before the whole congregation before the meeting was dismissed.

Reuben Archer Torrey excelled in every form of Christian service he undertook. He could be satisfied with nothing less. Believing that those without Christ were doomed to endless darkness and eternal punishment, he gave himself unstintedly to use every means at his disposal to bring them into the full experience of personal salvation.

This article is by Faris Daniel Whitesell and was originally published under the title “Great Personal Workers.” This material was copyrighted in 1956 by Moody Bible Institute and is now public domain.


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Duty – William Booth

Duty – William Booth

(Note: When William Booth uses the term, “duty”, he refers to that which should be done because it is right. He does not use the term in a way as to mean some drudgery, or something that he hates to do but must to be accepted by God.With that in mind, please understand that it is our duty to do what is right because it is right without any regard as to our receiving a reward of any kind for doing it. God is kind and merciful, and He rewards us for every deed done, yet that must not be our motivation. Our motivation is to do what is right because of our love for God and man.) – Curry Blake

My Dear Comrades,

Everyone knows that on going into the Battle of Trafalgar, Lord Nelson hoisted at his masthead the signal, “England expects every man to do his Duty.” That sentence has been memorable ever since.

I suppose that this expectation is not confined to any one Nation, but that every country cherishes the same expectation from it’s subjects. I am quite certain that the General of the Salvation Army expects that every Soldier in it’s ranks will do his duty to his Saviour, to his Flag, to his Principles, to his Country, to his Saviour, and to a Dying World.

Duty is a good old English word. I like it very much. It is so expressive, and so well understood by young and old, rich and poor, saint and sinner alike. Who is there that does not know what is meant by doing his duty?

Duty signifies neither more nor less than doing what you feel you ought to do, and leaving undone what you know you ought not to do.

It may apply to a man’s deciding on a course he intends to follow for life, as for instance: –

A sinner giving up his sins, a drunkard renouncing the drink, a swindler abanoning his cheating, a liar forswearing his falsehood, and that for ever and ever.

Have you, my Comrades, put away from you every evil habit? If not, that is what God requires from you at this very moment. Will you do your duty?

It may apply to a Saint placing himself and all he possesses at the service of his Saviour. Have you done that? If not, you cannot truthfully say that you have done your duty.

It may apply to a Soldier offering himself to be an Officer, or to fill any other post for which he may be thought best qualified in the Army, being ready and willing to fight at that post to his dying day. What are you called to? Will you do your duty?

The word duty may apply to something which is more or less the act of the hour, such as the reading of your Bible, praying in your family, speaking to someone about his soul, going to the Open Air, giving money to feed the poor, wearing uniform, or the like. When the call comes to you for any of these things, you must do your duty.

Now, the first thing a Soldier has to do with what appears to be his duty is to give himself up to its performance, whatever the consequences.

When duty presents itself, Comrades: –

Do not stop to enquire about your ability or worthiness to perform the task. All you want to know about it is, ” Is it my duty?”

Do not stop to consult your feelings. They will possibly, nay, very likely, be in direct opposition both to your judgment and your conscience. Simply ask, “Is it my duty?”

Do not stop to ask how far it will affect your wordly interests, risk your health, please your family or anything else. Remember Daniel and the Three Hebrew Children, and ask, “Is it my duty?”

Look at the precious things that will folow the doing of your duty: –

(1) To begin with, doing your duty is inseparably connected with your Peace of Mind. Peace is a great treasure, but you cannot have peace without a clear conscience, and you cannot have a clear conscience without doing your duty. You can settle that once for all. If you are to have that precious treasure amid the storms and changes and disappointments of life, you must do your duty.

(2) Doing your duty is a condition of the assurance of the Divine Favour. The assurance of God’s favour means the witness of the Holy Spirit in the soul, not only to the fact of your being a child of God, but that God is pleased with the way in which you are conducting yourself in all the affairs of your every-day life. But if you are neglecting that duty, how can He testify to the fact that you are doing it? You must do your duty.

(3) Keeping on doing your duty is the only way by which you can build up a strong character.To be able to resist the Devil, trample on his temptations, glory in the Cross, live above the world, to spend and be spent  for the salvation of souls, is a condition of heart and will that must be admired of the Angels. Do you want to be strong enough to always do the right? Then, whether pleasant or painful, keep on doing your duty.

If you want to be a proper example for those around you to imitate, keep on doing your duty.

You are watched continually – in your home, at your work, in the Corps. Someone’s eyes are always on you.

Someone is always reckoming you up, and judging whether you are what you profess to be or not; or, what is more important still, someone is always shaping their own doings and cxharacter by yours.

You have probably heard the story of the man who complained to his minister that he had four miles to walk to his church. “Oh, my dear fellow,” said the Parson, “you must not grumble at that”. You have an opportunity every Sunday morning of preaching a sermon four miles long.” He meant that all the people along the road he travelled had an example before their eyes which said, “Why don’t you go to church? Why don’t you do your duty?”

When you pray, when you sing, when you suffer without repining, when you carry one another’s burdens, when you warn sinners, when you give your money; in short, whenever you do any good act, you say by your action to those around you, “Go, and do likewise. Do your duty! Do your duty!”

The esteem of those around you, and in many cases your own earthly profit, will be promoted by your doing your duty.

Men who hate your Saviour and despise your religion will admire you, and employ you, and reward you, if they are confident that you do your duty. They will say: “That man is not governed by what is pleasant, or easy, or profitable to himself at the moment, or even by what will gratify other people. He means to do his duty.”

If you want the Review of your life to give you satisfaction when you come to your death-bed, you must do your duty.

In that terrible battle of Trafalgar to which I have referred, Nelson was mortally wounded. They carried him below to die, and when the last moment came he said to a favourite Captain who was bending over him,”Kiss me, Hardy. Now I am satisfied. Thank God, I have done my duty.”

Now, I say nothing here about the cruel business of war. But leaving that entirely out of the question, I do feel that there was something very pathetic aboout this incident, and I want to ask you one or two questions suggested by it.

If death overtook you, my Comrades, to-night, would you be able to say, “Husband, Wife, kiss me. I am leaving you, but I am satisfied. Thank God, I have done my duty!

“Father, Mother, Children, kiss me. I have loved your souls, and toiled for your salvation. Thank God, I have done my duty!

“Brother, Sister, Master, Servant, kiss me. I have tried to bless you. I am satisfied. Thank God, I have done my duty!

“Comrades, Captain, Lieutenant, kiss me. I have fought with you, and been true to the dear old flag. I am satisfied. Thank God, I have done my duty!

Would you be able to say this? And when, at the Judgment Seat, you meet these dear oones again, and the poor sinners who now live around about you, speeding on their way to the land of misery and despair, will you be able to say to them, “I knew you on earth; I loved you; I prayed for you; and in trying to save you I did my duty”?

8 Reasons God Wants You To Witness (Bill Bright)

Permit me to give you, briefly, 8 reasons God desires all believers to share their faith.

First, as you witness, you bring glory to God. Jesus says in John 15:8, “By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples.”

Second, the love of Christ compels us to share our faith. In Paul’s words, “The love of Christ constrains us.” If you have experienced the love of the Lord Jesus, you will also want to introduce him to others.

Third, sharing your faith is a direct command from Jesus Christ. He says, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” And, “You did not choose me, but I chose you to go and bear fruit – fruit that will last.”

Fourth, people without Christ are lost. Jesus says, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” The Word of God declares emphatically, “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.”

Fifth, God wants you to witness because of the benefits He offers to those who receive Christ. When you introduce others to Christ, they become children of God; their bodies become temples of God; all their sins are forgiven – past, present and future! They begin to experience the peace and love of God; they receive God’s direction and purpose for their lives; they experience the power of God to change their lives; and they have assurance of eternal life.

Sixth, God wants you to witness because of the benefits to those who witness. Witnessing stimulates your spiritual growth. Witnessing leads you to pray and to study God’s Word and encourages you to depend on Christ. As you witness in the power of the Holy Spirit, you sow love and joy and peace. According to the law for sowing and reaping, you always harvest what you sow and even more. For example, if you sow love, you will harvest love. If you sow joy, you will reap joy. If you sow peace, you will reap peace. And always, the harvest is greater than the seed sown.

Seventh, God wants you to witness to experience the tremendous privilege and honor of representing Jesus to the world. In his second letter to the Corinthians, Paul wrote, “We are Christ’s ambassadors. God is using us to speak to you. We beg you, as though Christ himself were here pleading with you, receive the love he offers you – be reconciled to God.”

Most people consider it a high honor to serve as an ambassador for the head of their country – the president or king – but as a believer in Christ, you are an ambassador for the King of kings and the Lord of lords!

Eighth, God wants you to witness because the Holy Spirit has been given to provide the power for you to do so. Jesus says, “You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” To fail to witness for Christ is to deny the Holy Spirit His right to empower and to use you to introduce others to our Savior.

Wonderful News Healing Crusade (August 11-14th 2009 – ALL WELCOME)

Wonderful News Healing Crusade
Wonderful News Healing Crusade

Wonderful News Healing Crusade

It is my absolute pleasure to announce that Tree of Life Church is going to hold a “Wonderful News” Healing Crusade in Ilford, Essex from August 11-14th 2009 (Tuesday – Friday).  We are believing God for the same miracles we see whenever we preach the Word of God with boldness and confidence and we have no doubt we will see healings, miracles and salvations throughout the crusade because we know our God.

We will need a number of things to ensure this crusade is effective and will make a list in the next few days and publish it here.  Right now, your prayers for success and the growth of the kingdom to develop and expand.