Street Witnessing 27th July 2009

As our Wonderful News Healing Crusade is fast approach (first meeting two weeks tomorrow!) I am going out street witnessing and inviting people to the meetings.  Today, I stood outside the main shopping centre in Ilford and handed out tracts and spoke to people for about 2 hours. There was not much in the wayContinue reading “Street Witnessing 27th July 2009”

March for Repentance

Yesterday I had the privilege of taking part in the UK March for Repentance.  The march ran from Hyde Park past Westminter Abbey and the Houses of Parliament down to Trafalgar Square where there were a number of speakers and prayers for the nation.  I phoned up the organisers of the event a week orContinue reading “March for Repentance”

How To Open Air Preach (Kevin Williams)

The Gospel of Jesus Christ was never meant to be hid behind the walls of church buildings, and open air preaching is a wonderful way to take the good news “into the highways” (Matt. 22:9).   For myself, preaching the Gospel in the open air has been a wonderful privilege, seeing God move in bothContinue reading “How To Open Air Preach (Kevin Williams)”

The Death of My Daughter (Don Krow)

by Don Krow Please don’t be upset when I say, I have the same basic needs that you have. The need for love, acceptance, communication, a solid faith in God and a purpose in life. I had a most unusual experience happen to me on December 14, 1981 which I would like to share withContinue reading “The Death of My Daughter (Don Krow)”

Healing Truths that Destroy Traditions (Curry Blake)

Healing Truths That Destroy Traditions Rev. Curry Blake You need people that encourage you. You know iron sharpens iron. You need to be around people like that. Don’t be around people that dull you. Life’s too short. Be around people that sharpen you. See if you can sharpen them. If they don’t want to beContinue reading “Healing Truths that Destroy Traditions (Curry Blake)”

What Makes a Good Leader

A good leader has three elements. They must have a vision – a destination to go to or they cannot lead people there. They must have a plan – if they don’t know the route to the destination they cannot lead people there They must have influence – if no one wants to follow themContinue reading “What Makes a Good Leader”

Scotland’s Butterfly (Ray Comfort)

Scotland’s butterfly When Scotland’s Susan Boyle stood in front of a cynical crowd at Britain’s equivalent of American Idol, I was reminded of how wonderful it is when that which is despised, suddenly stops the mouths of a proud and conceited world. It is an astonishing twist of nature when the grub turns into aContinue reading “Scotland’s Butterfly (Ray Comfort)”

Andrew Wommack in Holland Teaching on Salvation and Holy Spirit Baptism

This is how people should be getting born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit – no hysteria, no carnal displays- but simple teaching of the Word of God leading to a response of faith. If you are not a Christian or not baptized in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues, thenContinue reading “Andrew Wommack in Holland Teaching on Salvation and Holy Spirit Baptism”