Seven thoughts about what happened in Woolwich

The family of Lee Rigby thought he was safe.   He wasn’t on the front line, but home on leave in England’s capital.  It turns out that his killers were raised in Romford and Harold Hill, both places I know well. But how should Christians respond to such a vicious attack, how should Londoners act todayContinue reading “Seven thoughts about what happened in Woolwich”

The Riots Continue

Now there is rioting and looting in the middle of the day.  People locked in shops, people told to stay away from Lakeside. We are currently on M25 driving to Wales and saw the Sony building burning. And now finally some one has lost their life.  A young man shot in south London. This isContinue reading “The Riots Continue”

Radio Ministry

Become a Radio Partner The day Benjamin started preached the series on Destiny and Destination in the church, the Holy Spirit spoke to him clearly to start a weekly radio show within London and that this would be the next step in fulfilling his destiny and reaching his destination. Now an exciting opportunity has openedContinue reading “Radio Ministry”

Harmony House *IMPORTANT NEWS*

Starting April 4th (Easter Sunday) and every Sunday morning following we are meeting between 10.30am and 1pm in Harmony House for worship, fellowship and the preaching of the Word. You are more than welcome to attend these meetings.  Don’t feel that you have to dress up or prepare to come and meet with us.  We welcomeContinue reading “Harmony House *IMPORTANT NEWS*”

Two Powerful Messages On the Holy Spirit I have just uploaded a message called The Vocal Gifts, which is really about the heartbeat of being a prophetic church and part of my passion for building a prophetic church in the heart of London and Essex. I have in addition uploaded today’s message called The Holy Spirit On Our Side, which isContinue reading “Two Powerful Messages On the Holy Spirit”

Romans 1.14

I am debtor both to the Greeks, and to the Barbarians; both to the wise, and to the unwise. In the last verse, Paul says that he would not have the church ignorant. That is Paul’s calling – to educate and provide information about grace and faith to the body of Christ. A very highContinue reading “Romans 1.14”

Baptisms This Sunday (23rd August)

Well, it did not start too well.  There were a couple of technical difficulties and it took us until after 6pm to get the tank filled with water.  This is for a church service that started at 3pm. Well, we had a time of worship then I went to help fix the tank.  Eventually myContinue reading “Baptisms This Sunday (23rd August)”

March for Repentance

Yesterday I had the privilege of taking part in the UK March for Repentance.  The march ran from Hyde Park past Westminter Abbey and the Houses of Parliament down to Trafalgar Square where there were a number of speakers and prayers for the nation.  I phoned up the organisers of the event a week orContinue reading “March for Repentance”

Suspended Christian teacher back at work

A Christian teacher from London who was punished for objecting to a one-sided training day about homosexuality will be back at work next term. Kwabena Peat, 54, was suspended in January after he complained that a staff training day was used to promote gay rights and marginalise those who disagreed with homosexual practice. He wasContinue reading “Suspended Christian teacher back at work”