Suspended Christian teacher back at work

A Christian teacher from London who was punished for objecting to a one-sided training day about homosexuality will be back at work next term.

Kwabena Peat, 54, was suspended in January after he complained that a staff training day was used to promote gay rights and marginalise those who disagreed with homosexual practice.

He was charged with gross misconduct but an appeal panel of school governors has decided the charge was disproportionate and Mr Peat will return to work when the new term commences in September.

He has been supported by the Christian Legal Centre which celebrates its first anniversary this week.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, barrister and director of the Christian Legal Centre, said it was “a great victory for common sense”.

She said: “Mr Peat simply expressed a Christian viewpoint and objected to the school undermining parental rights regarding the education of their children on sexual ethics.

“He should be applauded for challenging the new political orthodoxy in an attempt to protect children rather than face such harsh intimidation.”

The story hit the headlines in April when it emerged that Mr Peat, who is head of year at a North London secondary school, had walked out of a compulsory training session on the subject of homosexuality along with several other Christian colleagues.

The session included a presentation by Sue Sanders, a co-founder of the Schools Out organisation which promotes a homosexual agenda in schools, in which she questioned whether heterosexuality was “natural”.

According to Mr Peat there was no opportunity for those with a different point of view to respond.

He wrote to three staff who organised the event and complained about the “aggressive” presentation of gay rights. His letter also referred to his religious beliefs about homosexuality.

The recipients of the letter said they felt “harassed and intimidated” by it. Following an investigation, Mr Peat was suspended on full pay.

Mr Peat said he had expected the training session merely to provide information to help teachers handle homophobic bullying, but the guest speaker had gone much further.

In April he said: “She started promoting homosexual lifestyles and suggesting those who had objections should sort out their prejudices.

“She said, ‘What makes you all think that to be heterosexual is natural?’ It was at that point I walked out.”


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  1. Excellent post – thanks for linking to us. God bless you and your thoughts and your blog. Intelligent thinking Christians is such an important thing!

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