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The Riots Continue



Now there is rioting and looting in the middle of the day.  People locked in shops, people told to stay away from Lakeside.

We are currently on M25 driving to Wales and saw the Sony building burning.

And now finally some one has lost their life.  A young man shot in south London.

This is not God’s will.  This is not God’s destiny for London.  I suggest standing in faith for three things:

1. Wisdom for our leaders.  1 Tim 3 says to pray for our leaders, and they need it now.  The world will seek to criticise everyone and analyse everyones action at this time, submit to a different spirit and pray for them in love.

2. For this to end now.  I believe that the looters deep down inside know God is real and that their actions are wrong.  A wave of God’s love and grace sweeping through the looters would be awesome!

3. Pray for labourers to go to the harvest.  We need in London a message of grace and hope that transcends race, transcends class, goes beyond actions and education.  We need the gospel to be heard.  Pray for opportunities to bring the gospel.

I don’t believe as one radio listener told me today that this is armageddon.  I am not minimizing this, but it will be over very soon.  It will fizzle away, but be bold and strong to stop it flaring up again we need to invade the city with the life changing gospel.

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