The Death of My Daughter (Don Krow)

by Don Krow Please don’t be upset when I say, I have the same basic needs that you have. The need for love, acceptance, communication, a solid faith in God and a purpose in life. I had a most unusual experience happen to me on December 14, 1981 which I would like to share withContinue reading “The Death of My Daughter (Don Krow)”

R. A. Torrey (The Pointed Personal Worker – by Don Krow)

He sought to win to Christ the young lady whom he had been taking to dances the first time he saw her after his conversion. He says, “The first time I saw her after my conversion, I commenced to reason with her out of the Scriptures. It took two hours of talking to her, butContinue reading “R. A. Torrey (The Pointed Personal Worker – by Don Krow)”