Wonderful Newsletter from the Osborns on God’s faith in humanity…

Dear Benjamin, I am amazed by God’s great trust in people! Imagine, after all that Christ accomplished at the cross to redeem “whosoever will” back to God, He then turned over to PEOPLE the task of telling the world this GOOD NEWS to the people! This is the greatest trust! Love, Hope & Healing BecauseContinue reading “Wonderful Newsletter from the Osborns on God’s faith in humanity…”

20000 people born again in Indonesia! Praise the Lord!

Dear Benjamin, We are on the front lines of evangelism in the city of Kupang, Indonesia. This city is located on the Western edge of the island of Timor. This is the first time in the history of Kupang to experience an evangelism event of this kind . You may follow our day to dayContinue reading “20000 people born again in Indonesia! Praise the Lord!”

Your Debt Is Wiped Out (T L Osborn)

Your Debt Is Wiped Out Jesus assumed our guilt when He suffered the full penalty of our sins, in our name, in our place in His death for us on the cross. The entire debt against the one who believes on Christ is wiped out. Such a person shall never have to face God’s judgmentContinue reading “Your Debt Is Wiped Out (T L Osborn)”

Quote on Healing from T L Osborn

“Many believe God sometimes heals the sick but they have no personal knowledge of Jesus as the indwelling, ever-present healer. They know nothing about the many facts which prove that physical health is part of everyone’s salvation. They see others healed, but question whether healing is God’s will for them. They are waiting a specialContinue reading “Quote on Healing from T L Osborn”

T L Osborn Documentary on Java

This is a beautiful introduction to the nation of Java and to the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit. Enjoy! more about “T L Osborn Documentary on Java“, posted with vodpod