The Power of the Name (Smith Wigglesworth)

I want to say that some of these General’s from the past weren’t caught up in the marketing and merchandising that had flooded our generation, and simply preached the Word of the living God.  Please read this with an open mind and heart as what Smith Wigglesworth is saying is true and revolutionary.  Don’t justContinue reading “The Power of the Name (Smith Wigglesworth)”

20000 people born again in Indonesia! Praise the Lord!

Dear Benjamin, We are on the front lines of evangelism in the city of Kupang, Indonesia. This city is located on the Western edge of the island of Timor. This is the first time in the history of Kupang to experience an evangelism event of this kind . You may follow our day to dayContinue reading “20000 people born again in Indonesia! Praise the Lord!”

Help Needed For Wonderful News Crusade

In no particular order, we need the following things for our Wonderful News Healing Crusade from 11-14th August 2009. 1. A worship leader As anyone who knows me knows, I cannot lead worship and have very little musical talent.  Due to the fact we are in a library we are not allowed any amplification equipment. Continue reading “Help Needed For Wonderful News Crusade”

Wonderful News Healing Crusade

It is my absolute pleasure to announce that Tree of Life Church is going to hold a “Wonderful News” Healing Crusade in Ilford, Essex from August 11-14th 2009 (Tuesday – Friday).  We are believing God for the same miracles we see whenever we preach the Word of God with boldness and confidence and we haveContinue reading “Wonderful News Healing Crusade”

Kenneth Hagin Prophecy from 1983

 “In this move that is about to come and even you’re in the edge of it right now. It will not be altogether something new that you’ve never seen. I’ll be a combination of everything you’re seen put together and then a little bit more…And a revival of the supernatural…in the realm of the seenContinue reading “Kenneth Hagin Prophecy from 1983”