20000 people born again in Indonesia! Praise the Lord!

Dear Benjamin,

We are on the front lines of evangelism in the city of Kupang, Indonesia. This city is located on the Western edge of the island of Timor. This is the first time in the history of Kupang to experience an evangelism event of this kind . You may follow our day to day report at osbornministries.blogspot.com. This mission began with a letter of invitation from the pastors of Kupang inviting me to come and help them in evangelism. I responded and began making many months of preparations.

The first event in Kupang was a three-day Osborn Gospel Seminar for pastors, church leaders and believers. More than 1,100 people gathered each day to learn the fundamentals of Biblical ministry today. They responded with amazement at the simplicity of our profound teachings. The Seminar climaxed with the distribution of books written in Indonesian. Three titles were given FREE as a Gospel library: “God’s Big Picture”(an overview of the Bible story of redemption, from Genesis to Revelation); “New Miracle Life Now” (the Gospel of Christ presented in terminology that relates to the Eastern mind); and “The Good Life”(a Bible School between two covers, including more than 1,400 Scriptures). This great financial investment will produce enormous spiritual dividends. Before we distributed the books, I informed the believers about you and your financial sacrifice that made the book gifts possible. Together we prayed for YOU, that God would bless you because of your love for others. You would have been so moved to hear these precious Indonesian Christians praying for you. It was truly in the work of Christ. WE ARE ALL LABORERS TOGETHER with Him.

Following the Seminar, the Christians were dispatched throughout the city to invite the people to attend our Festival of Prayer & Miracles. On two occasions I ministered on radio to the entire island (and beyond), encouraging the people to come and learn how to receive miracles from Christ. I told them, “We have been sent by God to bring blessing and healing to you. Come to the Festival. Bring those who are sick. God loves you and He does not want you to suffer. Come and learn how to receive His miracle life.”

As this report is coming to you, the first day of the Festival has concluded. A great multitude of people gathered, it was estimated that 35,000 to 40,000 attended. They came bringing the sick, leading the blind, pressing to get as close to the platform as possible. The scene was the same as Bible days: “When evening had come, they brought to Him many who were demon-possessed. And He cast out the spirits with a word, and healed all who were sick” (Mt 8:16)

After I preached Christ to the people, it seemed as though 75% of the multitude raised their hands to accept this living Jesus. They were eager to believe on Jesus Christ and to receive His miracle life.

During the prayer for the sick, the people laid their hands on their own bodies. SCORES OF MIRACLES OF HEALING WERE REPORTED. Cripples who had been healed filled the platform. Some had not walked for 17 years. Stroke victims were healed and began walking. Blind and deaf were healed. Testimony after testimony was reported as the people gave public witness to the miracle power and love of Jesus Christ.

There are so many things to report. God is visiting Kupang with His healing and saving life. He is faithful to confirm His word when it is proclaimed with faith.

Remember to visit osborministries.blogspot.com to see the daily reports of the Kupang Festival of Prayer and Miracles. We want you to experience this visitation of God with us. Remember that You are here with us through your prayers and your financial partnership. We need you. God needs you.

Your Partner in MISSIONS,

Dr. LaDonna Osborn

Restoration of Hope – latest newsletter


Dear Friends,

Can it really be 6 months since we left England and headed back home to Burundi? They say time flies when you’re having fun!!!! So, here we are again, preparing for another manic Christmas in the Nahimana Household. This year it looks like we will be hitting the 85 mark for Christmas lunch yet again, with 60 boys, 8 staff, 14 relatives, as well as the usual assortment of folks from church who have no family and nowhere to go… A small family Christmas just wouldn’t be the same!

O.K., so family news first. Josiah has fitted into African life like a dream. He is the happiest, most smiley baby I have ever known and is perfectly content to be passed around all the children and adults who we meet without a problem. He has now perfected the art of crawling and although is pretty quick on his knees, his commando crawl reaches tremendous speeds across the concrete floor. Josiah now has 2 teeth and with the amount he is dribbling, I am sure more will be following soon.

Bethany, on the other hand, was over the moon to lose her first tooth last month. She had been convinced that she was destined to keep her baby teeth until she was a lady and was concerned how she would look with a big face and tiny teeth! She continues to do well at school and is a wonderful big sister to Josiah and Abi. Abigail is a delight – she still has a will as strong as cast iron, but is learning that when Mum says, ‘No’, she means it! Abi is a fantastic mover and has us all in fits of laughter as she shakes her ‘booty’ to whatever music is playing.

Honda and I are kept busy as usual with all the children and teenagers we are caring for. Our time in England showed us the value of spending time together, so we now try to do this whenever possible.

The last few months have been financially ‘interesting’ for us here in Burundi. Since we returned at the start of June, the pound has lost nearly 25% of its value when exchanged with the Burundi Franc. That, combined with a price increase for even the most basic food items of between 15 – 50%, has had us on our knees, but God has proved faithful through it all, and each month we have miraculously had enough to cover our needs. I don’t understand what the ‘credit crunch’ is, I am just grateful that we serve a God who is not bound by earthly financial constraints! Thank you so much to all of you who have responded to God’s prompting and have sent gifts over the last few months. They have really been vital in keeping feeding all the people in our care.

So, Restoration of Hope developments…. As usual these have been many! Since we returned, 4 new boys have joined the R.O.H family. Arnaud, 12 years, was born and spent the first 5 years of his life in prison with his mum. His mum, who is also HIV positive, was released because of psychiatric problems and is unable to care for Arnaud any more. Since the death of his parents 5 years ago, Emile, also 12, has been cared for by a neighbour. Recently the neighbour lost his job and so is unable to continue to provide for Emile as well as his own 6 children.

Jean-Claude, 15 years, does not know the whereabouts of his parents or even if they are still alive. He has spent his entire life moving between short term care centres and the streets. Now back in school, hopefully ROH will provide him with the stability he needs to be able to make something of his life and work towards a more productive future. Lastly, Honda brought home Eric, aged 12, 2 weeks ago. He says his parents are dead and he has been living on the streets or with anyone who would help him for the past 3 years. Please pray that for all 4 of these boys, 2009 will be a year of dramatic change.

Through the generosity of someone in the UK, ROH has also helped Mussa aged 4, a little boy begging on the streets with his alcoholic father, to have a hernia operation. Honda remains in contact with Mussa and is looking at ways of helping him get an education once he is 5 years old.

We are also helping Jan, a 17 year old girl that Honda discovered, begging on the streets with her premature twins. Honda was horrified to find her sitting in the gutter, amongst the rubbish and exhaust fumes, with her twins who were less that a week old. Although married, Jan’s husband does not have a job and so the only way to get money for food was by begging. ROH now provides Jan with a small income so she can eat and thus is able to breastfeed the twins. The boys are now 3 months old and growing well.

Having decided not to take any more boys in for the moment, Honda, not being one to rest on his laurels has now taken on an entire village! Let me explain…. Last month Honda was taken to visit a village, approximately 10 km away from our house. The village started 14 years ago, with a couple of houses for Internally Displaced People, on a plot of land set aside by the government. The village is hidden away behind the industrial area of the city and most people are not aware of its existence. Today there are 400 small mud houses, which are home to over 2000 people, who are living in desperate poverty. The village has no running water, no sanitation and no electricity. There are no schools for the over 1200 children, the nearest one being a 4 km walk. According to the village chief, only 7 out of 1200 children are in school!

The village has really touched Honda’s heart and he now has a burning desire to see the situation change for the people who call it home. God is a God of transformation and it is His transformation that Honda longs to see in the lives of the poor and needy. By improving the quality of life for the children in the village, hopefully this will result in fewer children ending up on the streets in years to come. Long term the village needs running water, good sanitation, a school; a church …the list goes on. In the short term Honda’s desire is to show the people that they are not forgotten and that Gods love extends to all. Last weekend we took many of our boys along with various volunteers to ‘Bless the village’. We were able to distribute soap and children’s clothes to each family – 12 bars of soap costs approximately 60p – more than a day’s wages for many people and so was a huge blessing to all.

On Friday Honda, our boys and some local pastors and church members are going to begin 2 days of evangelistic meetings in the village. This will involve a combination of praise and worship, preaching and games with prizes – people who live in such poverty have little time usually for fun and games! Please pray that this small start will be the beginning of transformation for the village. Also please pray that Honda has wisdom in knowing who to approach, both within the government here and abroad where necessary, to look into getting running water piped into the village. This would make such a difference to the health of the people, most of whom fetch water from a ditch…not the greatest near the industrial area where all manner of chemicals run into the ditches!

And last, but by no means least, our ROH family. On the whole the boys are doing really well. We have 52 in either school or training programs and another 10 to whom ROH has made one off gifts to cover school fees. We have reshuffled some of the boys between the Hope Houses and this has proved beneficial, both homes now being more peaceful and settled. Ami and John are both doing well and are taking on more oversight for the running of the homes which is great for Honda.

Please continue to pray for the ROH boys. There are a couple who are struggling with past addictions to smoking cannabis, who need to see this broken once and for all. Please pray that all the boys make good strides in their education this year – it would be great if all passed the academic year and none had to repeat.

As this year draws to a close, join with us in thanking God for all the ways He has blessed and is blessing the work of ROH in Burundi. Lives are being changed and futures transformed. Thank you to all of you who are playing such a vital role in helping this come to pass. All your prayers and support are an integral part of ROH and we are so grateful to God for each one of you.

May you know His peace and joy this Christmas and in the year to come.


Honda, Libby, Bethany, Abigail, Josiah and all our boys