Quote on Healing from T L Osborn

“Many believe God sometimes heals the sick but they have no personal knowledge of Jesus as the indwelling, ever-present healer.

They know nothing about the many facts which prove that physical health is part of everyone’s salvation. They see others healed, but question whether healing is God’s will for them.

They are waiting a special revelation of the will of God concerning their case. A careful study of His Word will prove that He is both the savior and the healer of His people – that it is always His will to save and to heal all those who are willing to serve Him.”

Published by

Tree of Life Church

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3 thoughts on “Quote on Healing from T L Osborn”

  1. When Jesus lived on earth, some two thousand years ago, He mused, “When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” – Luke 18:8.

    Everything depends upon what we believe. One of the greatest problems for mankind (especially Christians) is while we may believe that God loves and heals others (the world!) because the Bible says so, does He love and heal ME?

    If we can ever get our minds around the notion that God is not surprised by our sinning, and not the least bit impressed with our fears and doubts and so-called humbleness, but looks for our simple belief in His promises, then we will see miracles.

    Jesus always commended those who displayed faith in Him and chastised those who should have had faith but didn’t, even His closest disciples.

    The way I see it, anyway …

  2. Osborne had his ‘act’ together.

    The sad truth is that most Christians believe God’s ‘truths’ in direct relation to what preaching they subject themselves to each Sunday.

    But then, most people are more interested in the group hug than they are to really get truth.

    The way I see it, anyway …

  3. You are correct, Wellwatered, most Christians seem to rather their emotions tickled than their mind renewed. The fact is that we need to grow up in Christ and think correctly, preach correctly and act correctly according to the Word of God so that we can see the kingdom of God advance in our generation.

    Thanks for your comment. God richly release wisdom and revelation into your life,


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