Church Service, 26th July 2009

Our next service is 3-5pm on Sunday 26th July.

Our monthly theme is “How to Heal the Sick” and Pastor Ben will be teaching people what to do when healing does not come  This is preparation for the healing crusade in August and the people who are there in July will be the team in August who are there ministering healing to the sick.

We do not put our address on the web for security reasons, but if you contact us we will be more than happy to give you directions and answer any questions you have.  We will be worshipping the Lord and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to us as we do in any cell meeting.

We will be resuming meetings in the Fulwell Cross Library in August of this year, and in the summer are having a “Wonderful News” Gospel Crusade.  Watch this space for further details, or if you cannot wait, please feel free to email us:

Questions on Healing Answered by the Hunters

The following are actual questions about the topic of HEALING which have been asked by people.

We share these with the hope that they will be a blessing to you.     

Q.:  Is it okay to ask for prayer (or to pray for healing) more than once for the same thing?  

A.:  The answer is YES, it is DEFINITELY SCRIPTURAL. 

The Bible gives an example of a person having hands laid on him more than once for the same thing.  Jesus laid hands on a blind man at Bethsaida TWICE before he was completely healed (see Mark 8:22-25). 

In their book “HOW TO RECEIVE AND MAINTAIN A HEALING,” Charles and Frances Hunter refer to this miracle as God showing His sovereignty by doing it exactly as He wants it done. 
To quote the Hunters: “Jesus touched the man AGAIN when he said he could only see men as trees, showing that we need not be ashamed to go back more than once for our healing.” 
The Hunters share a KEY POINT to remember: Laying hands for healing more than once for the same thing does NOT show a lack of faith, but


Remember that God is sovereign, and He will heal the way He wants and in His timing.  He may heal instantaneously (a miracle), over a period of time (a healing), or after you are ministered to more than once.

The key is to KEEP EXPECTING and believing God for a miracle when ministering healing or being ministered to.  As the Hunters say, YOU NEVER KNOW IF THIS COULD BE YOUR DAY FOR A MIRACLE!

Q.:  What does it mean to ask God for a “heavenly chiropractic adjustment”?
A.:  Dr. Roy Le Roy, DC, author of “THE SUPERNATURAL SPINE,” gives himself a “heavenly chiropractic adjustment” daily in the name of Jesus.  

He says our spines are in constant movement and subject to lots of wear and tear every day. Just the act of sitting or standing (which is very hard on the back) can throw parts of the spine out of alignment, so our backs need adjustment regularly. 

All you need to do is lay hands on your back and command the vertebrae and the discs to go into proper alignment in the name of Jesus, and it works!
(This can save on costly pain medication and chiropractic bills, too!)
Note:  Please see the Hunter’s books and video on healing.
Q.:  What does it mean to pray for the “electrical and chemical frequencies” of every cell in the body to become normal?  Is this Scriptural?
A.:  Did you know…… that every single cell in your body has assigned to it a unique pattern of God-given frequencies for it to thrive.  

The Hunters have found that “after much study and talking to many doctors and listening to many cassette tapes on this subject,” they are convinced that “when the electrical and chemical frequencies of body cells are in harmony and in balance, no disease can live in that body.”
Therefore, in accordance with the principle of speaking to the mountain (Mark 11:23) — in this case, speaking healing in Jesus’ name — we as believers in Jesus can command that the electrical and chemical frequencies of every healthy cell in the body be in perfect balance and harmony, the way the divine Creator intended. 

Just as doctors use medicines and skills to address medical problems, likewise we can apply God’s healing power to any medical condition and see it healed in Jesus’ name.
There are many kinds of miracles not specifically described in the Bible. These are Scriptural, using principles of Mark 11:23, which talks about speaking to the mountain —and believing what we ask in Jesus’ name will happen — and Mark 16:18, which says believers shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.

John 21:25 says, “And there are also many other things Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.”
As the Hunters teach, we need to be open to new ways God teaches us to heal the sick in the name of Jesus, which gives God all the glory and places our focus on the Lord, our Healer.

How To Minister Healing (by Curry Blake)

How To Minister Healing


1. Determine Problem
a. Get name or
b. Symptom(s)
c. Find out what the people can not do.

2. If no name (can’t be diagnosed “known through”):
a. Attack (cast out, evict) the spirit of infirmity.

3. If more than 2 problems (names or symptoms):
a. Attack (cast out, evict) the spirit of infirmity.

4. If problems started with a traumatic experience:
a. Attack (cast out, evict) the spirit of infirmity.

5. Once the problem is determined:
a. Declare the problem has no right to remain.
b. Declare the person is free in the Name of Jesus.
c. Deliver LIFE (virtue/power) by the method you choose: – Laying on of hands – Prayer cloth – Words – An action to be obeyed
d. Tell the spirit/problem what you want it to do.
e. Tell the body what you want it to do: “Be healed.” “System” function, etc.
f. Tell the person to do what they could not do. 1. Keep working with them until they can do what they could not do before.
g. Have them testify of any changes.

Wonderful News Healing Crusade (August 11-14th 2009 – ALL WELCOME)

Wonderful News Healing Crusade
Wonderful News Healing Crusade

The Simple Gospel (Curry Blake)

Many times we, who have been Christians for a long time, tend to complicate our presentation of Christianity. When we speak of the life a Christian is expected to lead, we begin to list rule after rule after rule. Because of this, Christianity has become known as the religion of the “Thou Shalt Not’s”. America is known as the “Land of the free”, yet there are many more laws against things in America than there are in the Bible. This is the Simple Gospel:

1. God created man. Man did not create God (as some psychologists would have us believe). God created man in His image and in His likeness.

2. God gave man dominion over the earth and everything on it and in it.

3. Man forfeited that dominion to satan through willful disobedience.

4. God decided to pay the penalty for man’s sin.

5. Man’s sin could only be removed by blood. The sin of all mankind could only be removed by the blood of one who was perfect and without sin.

6. If all mankind was infected by the sin of the “father” of the human race, then a mortal (Sin-infected) man could not be pure enough to remove all sin.

7. Jesus was made flesh and dwelt among men. He, being the express image of God, was pure enough to pay the penalty for man’s sin.

8. Jesus lived an exemplary life on earth to show us how a Spirit-filled person should live.

9. Jesus was crucified, buried, and raised from the dead. Each of which relates to us. Crucify the flesh, be buried (in baptism), be raised in new life to live unto God in righteousness.

10. Jesus’ death undid the effects of man’s sin. His blood bought our salvation and his broken body bought our physical healing.

11. God desires all mankind to live in blessings not curses. Anyone that repents can be saved and/or healed.

12. God will do anything you ask Him to do IF you will do anything He asks you to do .

13. The will of God is to do anything that reveals God to man and draws man to God.

14. The Word of God (the Bible) is the will of God. The Spirit of God CANNOT lead you to do something that the Word of God says not to do and He CANNOT lead you to not do something that the Word tells you to do.

15. God did not call anyone to be a car salesman or a bank teller or a store clerk. He calls people to be witnesses and “missionaries” to the car sales world, to the banking world and to the grocery store world. If you consider yourself as anything other than a missionary into the world that you are a prt of, you are not a Christian. A true Christian ALWAYS has as their primary reason for being – the desire to share what they have found. If you do not desire to share, it is because you have not found something worth sharing. If that is the case, you have not found the Gospel of Jesus Christ. John G. Lake said; “The Gospel of Jesus Christ is enough to make any man the wildest kind of triumphant enthusiast.”

16. God has more faith in you than you do and more faith in you than you do in Him. He treats you like you are already what He wants you to be, not like what you are acting like.

17. Your purpose on earth is to bring God as much glory as possible. He expects you to commune with Him like a husband and wife commune.

18. God expects you to be strong and do exploits for Him, thus bringing Him glory.

19. God expects you to live by the rules of the Spirit, not by the llaws of the flesh or the physical. The only limits are those you impose upon yourself.

20. God desires to reward us according to our works, yet Christians are so afraid of being accused of working for their salvation that they avoid doing Biblical good works.

21. Christians are so afraid of making a mistake that they do nothing. Not realizing that this is the biggest mistake they can make. If you do something wrong, God is big enough to fix it, but if you do nothing at all, God cannot take your inactivity and turn it into activity. (See the Parable of the Talents.)

22. Every Christian has a ministry. Every Christian should be training a younger believer in the ways of God.

23. God never intended The Church to be a place. He intended it to be a people. He intended it to be a body of people that are consistently being changed into the image of Christ. Just as Christ was the image of God.

24. Expect God to be big in you. Dream big. Do great things for God. God has plenty of people that will just do small things for Him, He needs people that will do great things. Do things that lift people, that help people. Do things that bless mankind. Do things that God would do if He were here in the flesh. Forget what men may say about you. They said the same and worse about Jesus. No Prophet is appreciated until he is needed to get someone out of trouble.

25. Get out of and away from dead religion. Get into a relationship with God. How can you tell the difference. You can tell if you are in dead religion by how you think. If you are always thinking that you can’t do this or that (good thing) because God is just waiting for you to do something He didn’t tell you to do so He can bring judgment down on you, you are in dead religion. Dead religion always says: “Don’t do it, you might make God mad at you.” A Christian Relationship always says: “What can I do for God to show Him how much I love and appreciate Him?”

26. Jesus said that God’s will is that we do for others what we would want done to us. If you were sick would you want someone to walk up to you in Wal-Mart and minister healing to you? Then God’s will is for you to go to Wal-Mart and find a sick person to minister to. If you were hungry and penniless and standing on a street corner would you want someone to buy you a meal? Then God’s will for you is that you go find a hungry street person and buy them a meal. You can witness to them while they eat. Tell them how God can help get them out of their situation. This is called “The Golden Rule”. To become a Christian you must:

A. Repent (Admit your sin AND turn away from it).

B. Ask Jesus to be your Lord (Someone you obey without question or hesitation).

C. Believe that He has heard you and granted your request.

D. Confess (say out loud) that Jesus is your Lord and God is your Father.

E. Immediately find a church to attend faithfully. Find a full-gospel, non-denominational, Spirit-filled Church.

F. Ask to be baptized in water This helps solidify a clean break between your old life and your new way of life.

G. Ask a full-gospel, Spirit-filled minister about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

H. Read your Bible everyday and always ask God to show you what you need to know.

I. Begin to do whatever He shows you. (i.e. Whatever you read in the Bible.)