Questions on Healing Answered by the Hunters

The following are actual questions about the topic of HEALING which have been asked by people.

We share these with the hope that they will be a blessing to you.     

Q.:  Is it okay to ask for prayer (or to pray for healing) more than once for the same thing?  

A.:  The answer is YES, it is DEFINITELY SCRIPTURAL. 

The Bible gives an example of a person having hands laid on him more than once for the same thing.  Jesus laid hands on a blind man at Bethsaida TWICE before he was completely healed (see Mark 8:22-25). 

In their book “HOW TO RECEIVE AND MAINTAIN A HEALING,” Charles and Frances Hunter refer to this miracle as God showing His sovereignty by doing it exactly as He wants it done. 
To quote the Hunters: “Jesus touched the man AGAIN when he said he could only see men as trees, showing that we need not be ashamed to go back more than once for our healing.” 
The Hunters share a KEY POINT to remember: Laying hands for healing more than once for the same thing does NOT show a lack of faith, but


Remember that God is sovereign, and He will heal the way He wants and in His timing.  He may heal instantaneously (a miracle), over a period of time (a healing), or after you are ministered to more than once.

The key is to KEEP EXPECTING and believing God for a miracle when ministering healing or being ministered to.  As the Hunters say, YOU NEVER KNOW IF THIS COULD BE YOUR DAY FOR A MIRACLE!

Q.:  What does it mean to ask God for a “heavenly chiropractic adjustment”?
A.:  Dr. Roy Le Roy, DC, author of “THE SUPERNATURAL SPINE,” gives himself a “heavenly chiropractic adjustment” daily in the name of Jesus.  

He says our spines are in constant movement and subject to lots of wear and tear every day. Just the act of sitting or standing (which is very hard on the back) can throw parts of the spine out of alignment, so our backs need adjustment regularly. 

All you need to do is lay hands on your back and command the vertebrae and the discs to go into proper alignment in the name of Jesus, and it works!
(This can save on costly pain medication and chiropractic bills, too!)
Note:  Please see the Hunter’s books and video on healing.
Q.:  What does it mean to pray for the “electrical and chemical frequencies” of every cell in the body to become normal?  Is this Scriptural?
A.:  Did you know…… that every single cell in your body has assigned to it a unique pattern of God-given frequencies for it to thrive.  

The Hunters have found that “after much study and talking to many doctors and listening to many cassette tapes on this subject,” they are convinced that “when the electrical and chemical frequencies of body cells are in harmony and in balance, no disease can live in that body.”
Therefore, in accordance with the principle of speaking to the mountain (Mark 11:23) — in this case, speaking healing in Jesus’ name — we as believers in Jesus can command that the electrical and chemical frequencies of every healthy cell in the body be in perfect balance and harmony, the way the divine Creator intended. 

Just as doctors use medicines and skills to address medical problems, likewise we can apply God’s healing power to any medical condition and see it healed in Jesus’ name.
There are many kinds of miracles not specifically described in the Bible. These are Scriptural, using principles of Mark 11:23, which talks about speaking to the mountain —and believing what we ask in Jesus’ name will happen — and Mark 16:18, which says believers shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.

John 21:25 says, “And there are also many other things Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.”
As the Hunters teach, we need to be open to new ways God teaches us to heal the sick in the name of Jesus, which gives God all the glory and places our focus on the Lord, our Healer.

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