Woe To Dad (Marilyn Jordan)

Woe to Dad

                                                      by Marilyn Jordan



If you were wondering who was winning the worldview battle between the feminists and Christians, wonder no longer.


A new survey just out from Babytalk magazine found that as far as women are concerned, dads are getting more irrelevant all the time.  It seems that many married moms would rather go it alone when it comes to parenting.  According to the survey, 76% of married women liked the idea of not fighting with a partner about the best way to raise a child.  Not having to work at maintaining a healthy marriage was another crowd pleaser at 69%, while 30% of the respondents thought they’d be happier if they didn’t have to deal with in-laws.


As if all this weren’t bad enough, single moms in the survey agreed.  Almost two thirds of the unmarried moms felt it would be harder to be a parent with a man in the house.  Another 55% expressed relief at not having to worry about working on a marriage as well as child rearing.  More than a third (38%) said they were freer to follow their dreams.


Obviously Father Doesn’t Know Best and never did.


The reporter who covered the story, a single mom herself, added that she liked the fact that no one complains when she leaves her sweaty workout clothes on the floor overnight, insisting that we all work better without someone looking over our shoulder.  How far have we sunk as a culture when the deep, lifelong love and commitment of a married couple as ordained by God can be reduced to the petty selfishness of this kind of thinking. 


The feminist agenda has worked hard to make men as irrelevant as possible in the general scheme of a ‘liberated’ woman’s life — except when it comes to paying child support.  The idea of the man as head of the household is seen as sexist.  Under the relentless and critical onslaught of the feminist worldview, men themselves have abdicated their leadership role in the family either by becoming doormats or turning into controlling tyrants often to the point of abuse.


The Bible says we will become lovers of self in the end times.  Feminists have convinced too many women that their own pleasure, their own agenda comes first.  This is a big part of the reason why we now have thousands of women every day, along with their boyfriends/significant others, refusing to be held responsible for their sexual choices.  How convenient that the abortion industry is ready and waiting to get rid of any ‘inconvenient’ babies that result from our sex-on-demand culture.  As President Obama so helpfully pointed out, he certainly wouldn’t want either of his daughters ‘punished’ with a baby if they ‘make a mistake’.


Everywhere you turn, America is riding roughshod over the biblical worldview.  Everywhere you turn, people are suffering the consequences, most especially the children.  Women may think they’re better off without a husband or father for their child, but the statistics show that kids raised by single moms are at a disadvantage across the boards and that they all too often end up as unwed teen parents, school dropouts, juvenile delinquents, and worse. 


The Creator’s plan for the family includes a loving father and mother, not a single mom and certainly not two moms or two dads.  Is it any wonder the ranks of the lost and unfulfilled continue to grow? 
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