The Grace Message of the Bible

The grace message in the Bible produced strong local churches, with pastor-appointed elders, it produced a stream of healings and miracles and people added to the churches.

It produced people who could and did live in community with one another. It produced people who had a hope, and who were going into all the world making disciples, devoted to the apostle’s teaching and to fellowship. It produced people who feared the Lord and were comforted by the Holy Spirit.
It produced people who repented, believed the good news, were baptized in water and filled with the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues and flowing in the gifts.

It produced people who were added to the church.

If the grace message you are preaching leads to a couple of people having a pint in the pub and calling it church, leads you to leaving every church in town because none of them are good enough for you, separates you from the people you are supposed to be serving, produces no miracles, and doesn’t lead to your being devoted to the apostle’s teaching and fellowship, doesn’t lead to you seeing people baptized and speaking in tongues and added to the church… you have to seriously consider whether you are preaching it right and believing it right.

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