I Called You To Dream!

This morning I woke up tired.  I don’t know if you ever have days like that.  Looking at the to-do list (see www.benjaminconway.net for a post on to-do lists and ensuring your life is not moving at a manic pace) didn’t encourage me either.  I’ve had to drop out of a couple of tasks, and delegate some things.  Recently, Amanda and I have been delegating a lot of church work out to people to free up our time – so now I am having to decide what are the most important tasks, what do I have to hold dear to, and what do I let go of.

As all this is happening this morning, and my head is in a fog – I hear the Lord speak so clearly to me: I CALLED YOU TO DREAM!  I called you to dream.  The Bible says that God will do more than we ask or imagine, in some modern translations it says God will do more for us than our biggest dreams.  But for God to do more than our dreams we have to dream!

God wants you to dream big!  He wants you to have big dreams!  If your diary is too full to dream it is too full!  You need to have time to dream!  You need to dream! 

Here are three things which help me dream that God has taught me over the years, and which I am coming back to today:

1. Dreams are pictures painted by the words we speak.  To dream God size dreams you have to speak God’s Word out loud, and fill your heart and mouth with the Word.

2. Worry is the inverse of dreaming.  Worry is a picture of a negative future, dreaming is the picture of a positive future. Often the worry and the dream co-exist pulling us back and forward.  Learn to speak your dream not your worry and it will fade away, so only the dream is left pulling you forward.

3. When we are dreaming a God dream, there is an impatience that comes with it as our flesh responds with selfish ambition.  Trust me – when you start to walk in the dream, you’ll wish you dreamed more, thought more, prayed more, studied more, prepared more.  Get preparing for your dream now!  Whatever the dream is, it should be obvious the person you need to be to walk in that dream – start taking steps to be that person today.

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