Why Some People Don’t Receive their Healing

If you see the sick healed on a regular and consistent basis, then eventually someone will ask you “Why do some people not get healed?”  Sometimes it is asked as a hypothetical philosophical question, but mostly it is asked on a very personal, very raw level: “why am I not healed?”, “why did my mother not get healed?”, “why did my friend die of sickness”, “why is this person still sick.”

I don’t have all the answers.  I have three answers though.  The first answer will help you keep looking for the other answers in the right place, and the latter two answers will help you keep standing and adjust your mindset to receive your healing.  Having preached sermons on all three, I know they work and we see people healed – especially people who have chronic sicknesses – when these truths are revealed.

1. Sickness is never God’s fault – the problem is on the receiving end not the transmission end.  

You have to realize this beyond the shadow of a doubt.  Through the work of Jesus Christ, God has done absolutely everything necessary for you to be healed.  Jesus bore your diseases, He carried your sicknesses and by His stripes you were healed.

Jesus took all of your sickness on the cross, and gave you all of His health.  He is the Lord Your Healer.  Lots of religious ideas are just a bunch of excuses why people are still sick – healing passed away with the apostles, healing is only for a select few, healing is only for the holy, sickness can be a blessing in disguise, sickness is God’s way of chastening us, Paul was sick with a thorn in the flesh, we live in a fallen world so sickness just happens.  All these unbiblical lies are unholy excuses to justify the evil of sickness.  The truth of the Word is that Jesus went around doing good and healing all those oppressed by the devil (Acts 10.38).  Sickness is demonic and devilish oppression and Jesus is the Healer.

If you have not received your healing now, don’t beg God to change.  He has already provided your healing.  Don’t hassle God and beg Him to heal you – He has already done it.

Learn how you can change your thinking to receive your healing.

2. You must put your healing in the past tense.

I think more people fail to walk in their healing for this reason than any other: they see healing as something that is going to happen.  When the Bible is very clear: by His stripes we were healed.  If you were healed, you are healed.  So start talking healed, start acting healed.  Start believing God’s Word is done.

Hoping to one day be healed has absolutely nothing to do with what the Bible teaches.  The Bible teaches you are healed.  In Luke’s gospel, Jesus meets a woman who is bound over and cannot straighten up.  He says to her “Woman, you are loosed”.  Not you will be, not one day.  Not it’s coming soon.  He tells her that she is loosed, then he goes and ministers that healing to her.  You need to start saying that you are loosed.  That you are healed.  The more you say it, visualise it, imagine it, speak it – then your healing will manifest.

The more you say “one day my healing will come”, then the more you are saying “I am not healed yet” – you are contradicting the Word.  Say “I am healed”, then start commanding your body to come right with God.

3. You Have to Base Healing On Christ’s Work, not Our Work.

So many people seem to think that if they behave well enough they will be healed.  That if they pray enough, fast enough, give enough then they will be healed.  By His stripes you are healed, not by your behaviour.  Your works don’t earn you healing, His work has already earned you healing.

Stop looking and considering your works, and consider Him!  He has done it all for you to be healed.

Feeling condemned that our behaviour is not good enough to be healed is one of the biggest hindrances to healing.  Start to realize that healing is only through grace and never through works.  Grace is the key to everything.

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