The Power of Accusation 04: The WHO and WHY of Accusation

The “WHO” of accusation is simple: the closest person to you that the devil can get access to their mouth. Recently, I got a letter from a complete stranger who had watched my TV ministry who accused me of being a false teacher, and also completely stupid. In fact, the letter even had a diagram of how small my brain was so I could have a pictorial tool to see how stupid I was!  It went straight in the waste paper bin and apart from the humour value of the diagram I haven’t given it a second’s thought. Yet, when someone inside the church makes a comment about me, or an elder, or someone in my family… that haunts me, that can hold me back from ministry.

So the devil’s plan is to use those closest to you to accuse you! His ideal is to recruit your spouse or parents or children, but he will settle for colleagues or friends, or elders in the church.

You see the closer the person, the more we weigh the accusation!

Yea, mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me. (Psalm 41.9)

If the devil can get your trusted friends to accuse you, he knows he can get you off course! Listen the closer you are to your pastor, the cleaner you need to keep your heart because the devil wants to use you to attack and accuse him!  It’s that simple!

So, that’s the WHO of accusation, but WHY accusation?  What is the devil’s plan? Again, that’s simple too – the devil will keep accusing you until you retaliate in the flesh.  That is his game plan – to get you to do something carnal! He wants to push you until you quit your race.

Moses got fed up of being called a liar and a murderer. Instead of speaking to a rock, he hit it in rage. He lost access to the promised land and ended his ministry. That’s the devil’s plan for you! Don’t fall for it, keep doing what God called you to do!


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