The Power of Accusers 01: What You Talking About?

Accusers are people who make accusations.  They make charges against people. They blame other people and point fingers at them. 

An accusation is saying someone else is guilty or doing something wrong. Accusations make even the strongest of people wilt and give up, they invade your heart and make you want to stop.

Even though accusers are human, they are actually mouthpieces of the devil. He is the accuser of the family of God. You can read that in Revelation 12.10.

There are many times it is hard to meet the devil, but none so hard when he is the accuser.

At the highest point of your success, the devil will accuse you. Accusations are how the devil deals with his most annoying enemies, the most persistent pastors and the most godly Christians.

The devil can tempt you, lie to you, steal from you, but if you are being accused by him, you are a great danger to him. Jesus was tempted by the devil, then the devil tried to kill him, but the ministry of Jesus was stopped during Passover week by constant accusations!  Accused of not paying taxes, if not respecting the temple – and the devil still finds Christians today accusing people of financial impropriety and disputing God!

Do you know some people are commonly employed with the same kind of jobs?  Some people have several jobs, but all in catering, or in security, or in sales.  Sadly, some Christians are regularly employed by the devil as accusers.

Accusations hurt because they are demonic and spiritual! I’ve seen great men of God fall at accusations. It’s like the devil himself is pointing his finger at you. Much of the darkness in the church is Christian accusing Christian.

A Good Christian must understand these principles.  They can misdirect you and you will miss your destiny.  These upcoming posts are very serious business indeed.

Accusation has stopped many people from praying for the sick, taking a public platform, doing what God called them to do.  They didn’t feel strong enough, good enough, in the light of the accuser’s words.

And I heard a voice saying in heaven, now has come salvation and strength and the kingdom of God, and the power of Christ, for the accuser of our brethren is cast down (Rev. 12.10)

Notice, if you cast down the accuser, then salvation happens, strength comes, the kingdom advances, and the power of Jesus is released!

When an accuser is silenced great things happen! If you let people around you accuse you, you will be weak and the kingdom halted.  

That’s why this is important. My next post will show you why accusations are so toxic, and help you see some universal principles of Accusers.

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