The Power of Accusers 02: The Defilement of Accusation

The one thing that you must know about any accusation is that it defiles your relationships – it puts mud in the waters and stops those relationships being pure.  Accusations just make everything dirty. Pure relationships are made dirty by accusations.  That’s one of the reasons the devil likes to accuse saints because he likes watching good, godly relationships fall apart.

There could be a man and woman in your church, both single, and both friends. Then someone accuses him of fancying her. Do you know their relationship is now dirty – everything is colored by the accusation. He may actually fancy someone else, but a pure look and an innocent offer of help is now dirtied by the accusation!  Accusations defile – that is their power.

Now, if you accuse someone of something that has never occurred to them, you defile that relationship and it will be very hard indeed to come back. You need to wash that relationship clean through trust and change, and that will take a lot of time and energy. Better to not accuse in the first place!

I want to eradicate accusation from the body of Christ – certainly from the Tree of Life network of churches. I want us to reject the notion that if we hear gossip it is probably true. It’s probably a lie.

Condemnation can often look like a word from God but it simply isn’t.  It is from the devil, and needs to be shut down.


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