The Will of the King

The Queen has just allowed Harry to step down from some of his royal expectations. She has also made it clear that’s not her perfect will and purpose. The Queen is a lot wiser than Harry, and has a lot more life experience and more experience in royalty. Doing what she suggested would bring a much better life for her grandchild.

We are children of the King, which brings immense privilege, but also immense responsibility.

Some of you have been stepping down from your royal expectations, you want the best bits of being a child of God, but you really want to your thing, not the King’s thing. He has a great plan for you, that will bring you into His best, His greatest. Always be careful when God allows something while expressing out loud it’s not His first choice. Honour dictates you press pause and listen to God, go behind the public face, worship Him as Father, trust His wisdom. His experience. His judgement, and find out what really would please Him, what would really be the sweet spot He has for you. It will take time, take faith, take sacrifice, take labour, but it will be worth it like nothing else in life is worth it.

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3 thoughts on “The Will of the King

  1. Thank you for the wisdom and analogy .I love the word pause used in blog and feel encouraged to take the pause and realign myself to God’s path.
    Definitely sharing this blog.

  2. Thanks and God bless you for sharing. We definitely need to seek our Father’s will at all times. He’s good, He’s love, He’s perfect. Nothing bad or inferior can come from such a God!

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