Angels of God 01: There are Good Angels!

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There are good angels. That is where I want to start this series. There are good angels. It seems that charismatics know so much about demons but not much about angels, but two-thirds of the angels stayed good and stayed on God’s side and those angels can freely move from earth to heaven.

Did you know though that even the best angel is nothing compared to Jesus? Hebrews 1.4 says that Jesus is so much better than the angels. So, do not start worshipping angels, do not let them take the place of Jesus in your life. But I do think the church does need to be aware of these angels.

They are spirits (Hebrews 1.7) and they are ministering spirits (Hebrews 1.14) – that makes them servants. They are spiritual beings, invisible, intangible, but they are in the room with us right now to serve us, to help us, to minister to us!

The ministry of angels did not end in Bible days, there are still angels around today. They still serve today.

Now yes there are bad angels, they fell with satan (Revelation 12.9) and were booted out of heaven. But let’s focus on the angels that didn’t right now:

They are created beings. They are not eternal like God. They were created by God. They are not people. The media likes to suggest that when we die we become angels, no – you are not angels now and you will not become one when you die. That’s not a Bible thing.

Angels are servants, and they are there to serve us, that means they have to do what they are told. Servants do not have the right to make their own choices, and nor do angels. Satan messed up by making his own choice – he wanted to decide where he would put his throne. He forgot he was a servant, he had no choice where his throne was, he should have just been grateful to get a throne.

Angels that didn’t fall, they kept obeying orders – they only speak the Word, they only do the Word, they only stand for the Word. They stand around you waiting for you to speak the Word then they help it come to pass! Those angels didn’t rebel against God and His grace!

Next time – we will discuss the Adam-angel connection in the garden. Look forward to it!

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2 thoughts on “Angels of God 01: There are Good Angels!

  1. Hello Ben,

    Thanks for the Blessings of Abraham series – I just listened to Part 1 on YouTube today and found it very encouraging.

    I have a few questions that just came to mind after reading your blog on angels:

    1. I just wondered where Satan came from and is he a created being as I suppose he must be like other angels?

    2. So then God created all the angels and then Satan fell and some others decided to follow him and they all ended up as demons – is that right?

    3. So where does evil come from or Satan’s capacity to envy and fall from heaven?

    4. If we are like the Creator – born in his image, does this mean that God Himself has the capacity for evil but would never choose to exercise it as He is Love and pure and righteous etc?

    5. Sorry I could not find the blog that talks about the Tree of the Knoweldge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden and why God created it in the first place?


    Julie ________________________________

  2. 1. Yes, just another angel. Created sometime in the creation week.
    2. Yes, if you take Revelation 12.9 literally one third of the angels fell. They made choices they were not allowed to make.
    3. Satan wanted to rule heaven, or at the least make his own choices. But he was a servant. The root of it all is pride. He stopped worshipping God and thought he should get some of that worship. He was a servant of God, he did not have the right to make decisions but decided to. The root of that is pride.
    4. I do not believe God can tempt others or be tempted with evil. God is agape, pure and perfect love, who only thinks good and only does good. Evil is more the absence of God’s love and goodness than a tangible thing.
    5. Not sure either, I will look it up.

    Grace and peace!

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