Initial Steps to Discipleship 03: Some Ideas to Be a Better Copier

Just Because Someone Else is Doing It Doesn't Mean It I

IDEA #1 Copy what people teach. The book of Luke, according to Acts verse 1 and chapter 1, was penned so we can know what Jesus did and taught. We should copy what Jesus taught, and we should copy what other people teach. I see a lot of ministers want to preach something new and original, and they do, and there’s a reason no one has ever heard it before! Again, I am not saying we should not be our own man, and I am definitely not saying we should not be authentic, but there is nothing wrong about copying another person’s message! If you want to teach a great message on prosperity, listen to a Kenneth Copeland CD. If you want to teach a great message on grace, listen to an Andrew Wommack CD. If you want to teach a great message on getting ready, listen to a TD Jakes CD. Copy others! That makes you a great disciple. If you are in a local church, quote your pastor. Learn from them and copy their teachings!

IDEA #2 Copy what people do. You need to copy what other people do – you want a great church, copy someone who is building one. You want a miracle ministry, copy someone who has one. Read the biography of someone who did what you want to do. Learn from the lives and challenges of others. Learn from how people handle being married, being a family, having a habit, praying, reading the Word, living by faith. I read in one of Andrew Wommack’s books that he once spent 16 hours reading the Bible, so I set my alarm, cleared my calendar, and spent 16 hours reading my Bible. I have learned a great deal about praying as a pastor from Pastor Juan Carnos and copying him, I have learned about how to flow in the gifts by copying Greg Mohr. His funnies? He copied them from another preacher! Copy the things other people did!

IDEA #3 Copy people from the Bible. Copy a bit of Abraham when you are being pressured, copy a bit of David when Goliath is coming at you, copy a bit of Joshua when it comes to taking the city. 1 Cor. 10 says they are in the Bible for us to learn from. Copy anyone who obtains a promise and gets a good report. You want to be healed? Copy someone Jesus healed and do what they did! Want to heal the sick? Copy Jesus, copy Peter, copy Paul. Sometimes you may read something that you think – I definitely shouldn’t copy that. Don’t! Keep reading until that person does something you can copy!

IDEA #4 Copy people from history For the last four months on Sunday nights I have been teaching about different champions of faith throughout church history. You should copy them. Copy Smith Wigglesworth, copy John Wesley, copy Charles Finney. They are not in the Bible, but they have done things. Everyone who wants to be a successful Christian should consistently be reading biographies of successful Christians.

IDEA #5 Copy people in your church There are humble people in your church. They have to be humble to go to the same church as you! There are other poeple in the same generation as you ahead of you – copy them! Stop criticizing them and copy them. I have been criticized a lot for who I copy. But Tree of Life would not be Tree of Life if I didn’t copy Andrew Wommack, didn’t copy Dave Duell, didn’t copy Robert Maasbach, didn’t copy Kenneth Copeland. There are people whose lives are your Bible school – learn from them and copy them. It will take you into your future faster than anything else you do and you will be a disciple indeed!

There is a minister reading this frustrated you are not further down the road in ministry. I believe God is showing you who to copy, humble yourself and copy them!

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One thought on “Initial Steps to Discipleship 03: Some Ideas to Be a Better Copier

  1. Excited about this message. We are saving and reading those messages, they are so precious. For us is like dream seminar, like that one which we attended with my husband, for Leadership. We found so much direction from every word. Thank you pastor Ben, we are in the right track.

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