Initial Steps to Discipleship 04: Definitely Copy Abraham

Abraham: The Peacemaker – Enneagrammar

I have been writing about how discipleship is copying others for a while. You find someone further along tham you and copy them. Today, I want to point you in the direction of one of the best people to copy in the world, and that is Abraham. If you want to be better at the faith stuff, you should definitely copy Abraham, he was one of the best ever at the faith stuff!

Abraham was so good at the faith stuff, we are told he is the father of faith. When it comes to copying people to be a disciple full of faith, Abraham is Biblically speaking, the daddy of all people to copy!

Abraham was a man of big faith, and that led to big success. He was happily married (mostly) and had children supernaturally. He was loaded – in cattle, silver and gold. In our day, he would have been an investor, with stocks and shares in other companies. He knew God and heard God speak, and God spoke to Him, and when Abraham prayed, God listened and Abraham’s prayers got answered. You should definitely spend some time looking at his life and copying him!

Abraham had some battles in his life, but he won every one of them. He also lived well over a hundred years old. You should copy him! Win every battle and live long and prosper!

Even after dying, Abraham was still a really important fellow! Lazarus died and went to a place called Abraham’s bosom. So even after death, he was still important. Some people are really important in this life, but when they get to the next life will be really insignificant. Everyone in hell will be really insignificant! But Abraham was not just important in this life, he lived in such a way he was important in the next.

I think if Abraham lived today, there would be many reporters around him asking for the secrets of his success, people would want to know how to copy him. But we have the Bible, and we can read the Bible and find out how to copy Abraham. Here are some ways you can copy Abraham:

  • Copy Abraham by holding earthly family and their influence lightly. If God says “go here” go there, doesn’t matter where anyone else in your family is living, you go live where God says. That’s faith to copy!
  • Copy Abraham by doing whatever God says immediately. When God told Abraham to offer Isaac, it says he got up early the next day. Abraham was into quick obedience to God! Do it early and do it immediately – that is big faith. You can copy that!
  • Copy Abraham by not adding extras to what God says. Abraham messed that up at first taking Lot with him, but God did not call Abraham and Lot, God called Abraham alone (Isaiah 51.2). Abraham took Lot with him and Lot caused hassle all the time! Many people launch into their destiny bringing people from their past life with them, and build partnerships God has never ordained. People from your past are rarely your forward people. If God has called you into business or ministry, don’t try and build a committee or partnership, go alone into what calls and let Him add others to you at the right time.
  • Copy Abraham by listening to and believing God. The most important thing about Abraham is he believed God, and his faith brought the promises of God into manifestation. Faith does that – it makes you well, it puts your child in your arms, it puts your car in your driveway, it pays off your house. Faith brings blessings! We need to believe God.
  • Copy Abraham by counting the stars. Get out and start dreaming.
  • Copy Abraham by leading your house well. God told Abraham about Sodom and Gomorrah because God said “I know He will command his children and his household after him” (Gen. 18.19). We need to be like that – and lead our children well. Most Christians do not really care about their childen on a spiritual level. They would rather their children went to the right university and had the right job than lived by faith. They work a lot and spend a lot of money on their education, but virtually nothing on their spiritual development. If you are copying Abraham you should care that your children are spiritual, born-again, spirit-filled, full of the Word, living for God and radical disciples. That is far more important than getting them into a good school. God said “Abraham, he will drag his kids to church, he will make them read the Word, he will make them pray” – that’s more important than learning maths and English! You cannot go to church and leave your children at home watching filth on TV – you bring your children to church, and you make them go. That is copying Abraham and is living by faith. Impress on your children the important of sexual purity, of marrying an on-fire Christian, who is full of the Word and full of the Spirit. Some Christian men come to church and let their wives stay at home, others send their wives to church and don’t go themselves. Get a grip, copy Abraham and lead your family! In my house, even my cat serves the Lord. That is copying Abraham, and copying faith!
  • Copy Abraham and tithe. If you don’t tithe, you are failing to copy the wealthy, faith-filled Abraham! It was after tithing that God appears to Abraham and reveals Himself as his shield and reward (Genesis 15.1-4). If you want to be loaded like Abraham, learn to tithe like Abraham. God doesn’t need your money, doesn’t need your tips, doesn’t need your tiny gifts. But God does want you to tithe to get your faith going so you can receive all the awesome things He has for you.
  • Copy Abraham by praying for the areas around you. Abraham prayed for Sodom, he did not curse it, he prayed for it.
  • Copy Abraham. It is vital. God tells us to copy him as a father and call those things which are not as though they were (Romans 4.17). Copy Abraham and call yourself the father of many nations, call yourself blessed, call yourself healed, call yourself in abundance.

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