Healing Truths 03: Why So Many Sick Christians

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The simple reason is this. There are many sick Christians today because they just do not have faith that Jesus wants them well. Faith comes by hearing the Word and many Christians do not hear day after day that Jesus wants them well. They have had discussions about their pain, they have monologued about their sickness, they have talked about their pain, their aches, their sicknesses. Speaking about sickness does not cause faith to come. Faith comes when we hear the Word. When we hear the truth. When we hear the truth, the truth brings freedom.

If we as Christians want to see people free from the bondage of sickness and disease we have to tell people the truth. God wants you well. Jesus wants you well. The will of Jesus Christ for every person, including you, is for you to be healed. That is the Word of God and that is the truth. Some Christians have never heard that, others have heard it and dismissed it and retreated into their religious traditions and foolish ideas about God that do not match with the Word.

Too many Christians sympathise with the sick. They empathize with their pains and their sob stories of sickness and disease. The sympathy becomes an implied insinuation that God’s will is for them to endure that sickness, to learn patience from it, to be drawn closer to the Lord through their suffering sickness and disease. That is not the Biblical approach. That is not the way Jesus does things. And because the church is ignoring the way Jesus dealt with sickness and supposing themselves to be kinder and smarter than Jesus doing it their own way, that is why so many Christians are still sick!

We need to right now declare absolute war on every form of sickness. Take your God-given authority over every disease in the name of Jesus. And we need to go and heal the sick and set those captive by sickness free!

The truth is clear and obvious. Healing is for all, Jesus wants you well. You never need to spend a second in doubt of God’s willingness to heal you. Does anyone who knows the Word ever doubt the will of Jesus is to save the most rotten and selfish human? Then how can anyone ever doubt the will of Jesus is to heal the most broken and diseased human?

How do we know salvation is for all? Because the Lord is the Lord who saves us. God loved us so much He gave us Jesus so whoever believes in Jesus can be saved (John 3.16, Romans 10.9-10). That is the truth and when it is preached, people believe and are saved.

How do we know healing is for all? Because the Lord is the Lord who heals us (Exodus 15.26). Tomorrow morning, that verse will still be in the Bible. He will still be the Lord our healer. He will never change, and there is no maybe about it. He heals all who believe.

Jesus said “According to your faith let it be done to you” (Matthew 9.29) so have some faith. Ask in faith, nothing wavering (James 1.6). That’s the truth of the matter – we need to ask in faith, we need to start believing that healing is ours and declaring it and acting on it. That is where the answer to this question lies. The will of God has not changed since Bible days, but a lot of tradition has caused a lot of people to doubt it!

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