Healing Truths 02: Jesus Wants Everyone Well

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The reason I can confidently say Jesus wants you well is I can read the Bible and it clearly teaches Jesus wants everyone well. One of the biggest lies in the modern church is the idea that healing was for the past, for the good old days, but not for today. Another lie in the modern church is that God wants some people healed but not others. Both of these lies build the same barrier in people’s hearts for healing – the uncertainty that God wants to heal everyone. Because if you do not realize the clear Biblical truth that God wants everyone well, you will always be unconvinced Jesus wants you well!

Nearly every Christian knows Jesus heals some people, but there is a lot of nonsense in the modern church that keeps people away from the clear truth of the Word – Jesus wants everyone well, and has provided healing for all.

It is really hard – if not impossible – to get your hopes up and have faith for anything that we do not know Jesus wants for us. To quote Kenneth Hagin, “we cannot have faith for anything unless we know the will of God in that area”. To make that quote specific to healing – we cannot have faith for healing unless we know God’s will is healing. When we know the will of God is healing for everyone, when it sinks in that healing is for us, it is easy to receive healing by faith! Easy! You have to realize healing is for all! You have to realize Jesus wants everyone well, and that He wants you well!

How can we know God’s will about anything? Well, if I had a will, and I died and you wanted to know what was in my will, there would only be one possible way to find out what was in my will, to find out what my will was. Only one way. To read the will!

If you want to know God’s will on any area, there is only one way – not circumstances, not conjecture, not what aunty thinks – you have to read His will.

Imagine a lady came to me after her husband died and said “Ben, my husband was very rich, I don’t know if he left me anything in his will, would you pray that I could somehow know what his will contained”. I would say “I am not going to pray for you, read the will. When you read the will you will find out”

People come to me in the New Covenant, after Jesus died, and say “Ben, Jesus is very powerful, I know He can heal me. I don’t know if His will is to heal me or not. I don’t know what is in His will. Pray for me to know His will.” I tell them “I am not going to pray for you, read the will. When you read the will you will find out”.

Another word for will is testament. Read the Testament! Read the New Testament, it is God’s last will and testament and shows you what His will is. Because the New Testament is God’s last will and testament, anything that comes after that contradicts the New Testament is a forgery. That preacher saying God doesn’t want you well, when Healing is in the will, is a forgery – that preacher is guilty of probate fraud!

If healing is in the will, then to say God’s will is not healing, is to try and change the will! You cannot change the will after the testator has died. Jesus died as the testator, left us everything in the New Testament, then He resurrected from the dead and is now not just the testator, He is the mediator of the will (Hebrews 9.15) and also our advocate (1 John 2.1-2) making sure we get everythign in the will! He is not some earthly advocate who might try and stitch us up and take some of our inheritance, He is going to make sure you get everything in the will. And healing is in the will.

Today, read the will of God. Read the four gospels and look at every time Jesus healed someone. Jesus is the expression of the will of the Father, and His life is a revelation of the love and will of God – Jesus was the living will of God, and He healed the sick and healed them all! When Jesus healed them all, He was revealing the will of God to every human.

There was a leper in Mark 1.40 who prayed for healing the way some people pray today “Lord, heal me, if it be your will”. That man did not know God’s will. He did not know what Jesus wanted. He had never read the will. The first thing Jesus did was deal with this uncertainty. Jesus said “I will”. Healing is not “if it be your will”, healing is God’s will. Healing is Jesus’ will. Jesus wants you well. He wants everyone well.

The leper said “If you want to, you can”. Jesus said “I want to”. The modern charismatic church says “If Jesus wants to heal, He will, Jesus if it be your will, heal this person”. And Jesus stands in the background, ignored, as He says over and over again “It is my will. I want you well. I want everyone well.” Jesus is not willing that anyone should perish (2 Peter 3.9) – that includes sickness and disease!

Read these words and realize this is the last will and testament of Jesus Christ:

Great multitudes followed him, and He healed them all (Matthew 12.15).

That is the living, moving, breathing will of God. Jesus Christ. He healed them all. And He has never changed. He is still the same yesterday, today and forever. Right now, His will is to heal you. His last will and testament for you includes your total healing. Jesus wants you well.

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