Healing Truths 01: Jesus Wants You Well

Jesus Our Healer
Jesus Wants You Well!

I am the Lord who heals you – Exodus 15.26

If you are sick in your body today, I am going to tell you the truth today: Jesus wants you well. Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Universe, passionately wants you to be healed.

You have to be aware and convinced that Jesus wants you well to be able to receive your healing from God. If you do not realize Jesus wants you well, there will be doubt in your mind that you can be healed. As long as that doubt lives in your house, you cannot receive your healing by faith. We need faith to receive from God, we need to ask God for our healing in faith, without wavering, otherwise we have no grounds to think we will receive from God (James 1.6-7).

But once you are convinced Jesus wants you well, that sickness is not and never has been or will be God’s will or plan for you, then you will inevitably receive your healing. It is that simple and that clear.

Knowing what Jesus wants when it comes to healing is the basis for believing for your healing! Often people will say to me: Ben, I just don’t have the faith to receive my healing. My response is normally “Do you believe that Jesus does what He wants to do?” or “Do you believe Jesus keeps His promises?”. They tell me “yes, I believe that”, then I tell them they do have faith for healing, because faith is this simple. I believe Jesus wants me well! That is faith for healing in one sentence: I believe Jesus wants me well.

My spiritual great-grandfather is F F Bosworth, and he said this:

Do not doubt God. If you must doubt something, doubt your doubts, because they are unreliable but never doubt God or His Word.

Satan lies, Jesus never lies. I can show you all over the Bible from the Old Testament, from the New Testament, from the Psalms, from the Law, from the gospels, from the epistles, that Jesus wants you well. Your healing is declared in God’s Word, and it is true to say Jesus wants you well!

God announced to the world in Exodus 15.26 “I am the Lord who heals you”. Do you know He spoke that to over three million people, and all three million believed it, and all three million were healed? Every sick person in that crowd was made totally whole. Psalm 105.37 tells us about those people that “there was not one feeble person among their tribes”. Can you imagine three million people and not one diabetic, not one with cancer, not one deaf, not one blind? Not one weak, feeble, sick, not one with aches and pains, not one with sleeping difficulties, not one with migraines? That’s what the Bible tells us happened, and I believe the Bible!

Now, if Jesus did that for the nation of Israel under law, under the Old Testament, then how much more will He heal you under the New Covenant, the better covenant? You have been redeemed not by the blood of a lamb, but by the blood of the Lamb, living under grace and mercy? Jesus wants you well. He wants all of us well!

I want this truth to settle into your heart: Jesus wants you well. It’s as true as one plus one is two. Healing is for you! Healing is for you, because Jesus wants you well.

The will of Jesus, the will of God, is that every single person is healed. All you have to do is believe and receive! There is no maybe about this, there is not an “if” or a “but”, Jesus wants you well. God has no favourites, He wants you well!

We live in a world where sickness and disease ravage so many lives, medical science has achieved more than ever before but it still has not stopped sickness taking lives, ruining hope, destroying freedom. Disease is still around all over the world.

The saddest bit of that in my mind and heart is that there are still Christians affected by sickness and disease. This should not be. It is happening, Christians are dying of sickness, losing their freedom by sickness, being destroyed by disease while preachers are pontificating about why God has made them sick, when God makes no-one sick. Jesus makes no-one sick. Jesus wants you well! Jesus wants you well right now!

Sickness is not God teaching you a lesson as some ignorant people say. Sickness is not God chastising you or punishing you! Sickness is not God’s way of drawing you to Him, it is certainly not a gift to you for being so spiritual! Sickness is evil, a liar, a destroyer, a thief! It is an instrument of satan to steal from you. And the good news is that Christians do not have to be sick, any more than a Christian has to sin. It is always the will of Jesus, the desire of Jesus that you are well. Jesus wants you well!

The reason disease is still in the church is people just do not believe the simple truth that Jesus wants them well. In the Old Testament, three million people believed Jesus wanted them well and were all healed. That should be the normal in every church in the world!

The reason there were no feeble among them was that they all believed the Lord was their healer. They believed what God said. He is the Lord our healer. And they all got healed. God said it, they believed it, and they were healed.

The reason there are so many feeble, sick, unwell, infirm Christians today is that we do not believe Jesus wants us well. We do not believe He is the Lord who heals us. We heard it, but we ignored it, we filtered it through ungodly traditions and charismatic legalism, until we thought God doesn’t heal, and sickness is a blessing! It’s the same lie satan conned Adam and Eve with – has God really said, and does God really mean what He says!

We have taken the I AM and turned Him into the I WAS! Three million people were healed at once in the Old Testament, you can be healed today under the New. Say it out loud “I believe Jesus wants me well. I believe He is the Lord who heals me”. Say it until it registers, until it moves you – and receive your healing!

Published by Tree of Life Church

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2 thoughts on “Healing Truths 01: Jesus Wants You Well

  1. Thank you, i believe gods words……and i could here Pasteur Ben saying them…..it became clear that Jesus wants ME.

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