How To Be Fruitful 02 Don’t Do What You Are Not Called

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One of the things that messes with you doing what God has called you to do is spending your time and energy doing things that God has not called you to do. We are not Superman, we are not super-human, we are not able to do everything! Even the calling of God does not turn you into superman, it just empowers you to do what God has called you to do.

We have not been given the grace to do everything and anything, we have been given the grace according to the measure of the gift (Ephesians 4.7). What you are gifted and graced to do by Jesus is what you can do! Your calling gives you the power to do what you are called to do, but you do not have the power to do what you are not called to do.

Many great ministers are exceptionally deficient in certain areas, but they do well because they stick to their lane. I know miracle workers with no gift of administration, I know teachers who cannot preach and preachers who cannot teach, but they know to do what they do well and they do it well. We only have a measure of the Spirit. We have to be humble enough to admit we cannot do it all. The grace of God is for the call, not for what we just decide to do.

The best pastor in the world is Jesus, the second best pastor in the world will not be the best teacher, the best prophet will not be the best evangelist. We need all of us to be together and learn from each other.

Now something the church is doing very badly is we oscilliate between despising ministers for not being everything we want and idolizing some ministers for what they do and not recognizing that they have any limitations. Both come from immaturity. A mature response is to realize every minister has limits, but we still love them and learn from them. Too many people see the limits of a minister and hate them, others see no limits and idolize! It is strange to realize that in one area we are absolutely remarkable, but in others we are totally rubbish, but it is true of all of us!

Each one of us must recognize our limitations and recognize what we are called to do and are graced to do! Too many prophets want to prophesy over everyone. Too many pastors fail to distinguish their opinion from what the Lord has led them to do and where the Lord is leading them to lead their people. We are all limited and if you don’t realize this yourself – you will find out soon enough!

When we realize our limitations the only solution is to then work with others who have gifts we do not have – and we have gifts they do not have. We all need others to be complete. We need people different from ourselves, we need people who in the natural we might not like that must. This is part of God’s plan to keep us humble, sweet and gracious.

This is so important for all of us. Find out what you are called to do, and do it, and what you are not called to do do it. Also, remember you can learn from all five of the five-fold ministry, in our conferences, you can learn from all the speakers not just the ones that you prefer. And whatever God tells you to do, you can always overcome your limitations – not personally, but by finding the people who can do what you cannot do.

God is fitting the body together. And every part would supply something that you need for your life and ministry!

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