Before 01: Before You Date

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I am going to start a series of a short posts of simple questions you should be asking before you do something. Today I am going to give you some questions you should ask before starting to date someone. It amazes me that people date and do not ask questions! Our pre-marital counselling course is essentially lists of questions to ask each other to make sure you are going to be able to enjoy marriage and that your marriage will extend the kingdom of Heaven.

So, before you even start to date someone, here are the three key questions you should ask (obviously you don’t have to ask them as an interrogation, but you should be able to have a conversation where these questions are brought up and discussed):

  • Are you born again?
  • Are you baptized in the Holy Spirit?
  • Do you tithe?

You do not want to date an unbeliever – you will have real problems with the spiritual in-laws! And if you are flowing in the power of God you want to be with someone who has the same dedication to the things of God that you do, and has received the Holy Spirit. Otherwise you will definitely be unequally yoked.

That third question is a bit sneaky, as the answer will let you know if that person goes to church, how serious they are about church, how they handle money, are they good with money, whether their faith impacts their life. It’s an amazing question that will tell you so much about someone.

These three questions could save you from a planetload of hurt and pain. You are welcome!

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