Before 02: Before You Co-Sign a Loan

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Before you co-sign a loan for that friend or family member, it’s a really good idea to think twice. There is a reason the bank needs your signature. The people who work with money every day and earn money from loaning it out think that this person is risky for a reason. No matter how much you love them, that is the case! So ask yourself:

  • Will I still be able to love this person if they walk off with all the money and I get all the debt?
  • Are you ok if your ability to take out loans in the future is impacted?
  • Are you able to forgive that person if you have to bail them out of the whole amount?

Ask the other person:

  • Do you have any other debts at all?
  • Why have the bank said they will not give you this loan?
  • What will happen if you cannot pay and I have to? Will you then pay me? How?

I never recommend that someone co-signs for another, and the Bible says it is a foolish idea (Proverbs 22.26), but at the very least do not do it unless you ask some questions.

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