Be Better At Work 02 Follow Someone Who Knows the Way

How to Be a Good Mentor: 10 Mentoring Tips to be the Best Mentor Ever |  GrowthMentor

The easiest way to get somewhere is have a guide who has been there. The easiest way to be a success at anything is to have a mentor, a guide, a coach. Whatever you call them, you need one.

A mentor is a person who will unlock the glory that is hidden in your heart, pave the way to your dreams and help you reach further than ever before. You need a mentor – actually, you need several! You need someone who doesn’t just know stuff, but wants to sow stuff!

Most people do not need a cheerleader, they need a coach – they need someone who can correct them, inspire them and challenge them and prevent them making mistakes.

Every single one of you need a mentor – actually you need more than one, you need a spiritual mentor, an educational mentor, a ministry mentor, a career mentor, a financial mentor. You do not need to know your mentors personally – you can just go online and listen to what they have to say, you can read their books. Andrew Wommack was my mentor for hours and hours every single day before he ever knew my name! I listened and listened and listened. People in Charis did not listen to him as often as I did every day! That’s one way to be mentored that anyone can benefit from.

Who is literally writing the book in your field of ministry or business? MAKE SURE YOU READ THAT BOOK OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Andrew Wommack literally wrote the book on growing biog ministries, and I read that one book every month without fail. If you haven’t had to replace a book yet, you need to get a mentor!

If you have a personal relationship with your mentor, respect it and treat it with honour. Mentors are like Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings, when he is there you advance more, but they are not always there, they have their own battles, so appreciate the time you get – and do not share their details or access with others or you will lose it.

Get good mentors. It will change your career trajectory immediately.

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