Be Better At Work 03 Organize Things Better

The Home Edit is here to organize your workspace - Ideas

A lot of people do not realize the importance of order in a workplace. You need things in the right order. You need to have things in the right order and do things in the right order. You were designed for order – chaos is not fruitful or productive.

We all know it is far more wonderful to walk into a room that is in order than a room that is in chaos. Nowhere is this more important than where you are working. If all your to-do items are on twenty different scraps of paper, you will lose one of them. If they are all inside the same book, you will be fine. Clutter needs to be decluttered, disorder needs to be made orderly!

If you need a filing cabinet get one, if you need in-trays get them, if you need places for things, get places for them.

Every thing you do will create more order or less order. Everything you do will create a life that is easier to move forward with or harder, a workplace that is easier to work with or harder.

Now in the office or school, everyone is not all helping you create a life of order and fruitfulness, so you need to learn how to organize things. You need to know:

  • How to separate things that are important and valuable
  • How to not let creativity cause a chaos that breaks the creative flow
  • How to not let busy-ness stop you keeping order

Now I am not going to tell you how to create order that is relevant for you, I don’t know, but if you need to get help, get help. Donald Trump had a person who worked for him who just organized things for him. That’s important! God loves you and will bring someone wonderful into your life to help you when you ask Him!

Don’t get upset about yesterday, and don’t try and change everything in a day, but every day organize things a bit better. I bet 30 minute of organizing your office tomorrow would change your life. I bet it would – have a go.

Published by Tree of Life Church

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