Thoughts on Fasting 01: Worshipping and Fasting

While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.” (Acts 13.2)

This is a remarkable verse. It is the verse that changed the centre of the world from Jerusalem to Antioch. This is the verse that released the greatest ministry the world has ever known, Paul’s apostolic ministry. Before this, Paul was in his local church (of course! You will never ever be apostolic without being in local church) serving, teaching and ministering. He was one of a team of teachers, maybe teaching classes and preaching occasionally. That’s where he learned his craft.

Then in this verse, everything changes, five of the leaders of the church get together to do two things: worship and fast. They did two things: worship and fast. The Holy Spirit did two things: instruct and call. I believe with all my heart if we worship and fast, the Holy Spirit will instruct and call. We will get specific instructions from the Holy Spirit. Not every pastor had to leave the church at Antioch, but Paul and Barnabas did. They had to start a travelling ministry immediately. I believe a lot of ministries are not released because we do not worship and fast. We are so tied to the natural realm, to food, to our impulses, it’s not that the Holy Spirit does speak until we go hungry, it’s that we don’t listen.

Some people are going to be lifted up this year, some people are going to be released into ministry, into marriage, into business because we are taking time to worship and fast! It’s so important we do this, we need to tune in. We need to worship the Lord. And we need to do it with others. Paul was not in his prayer closet on his own, he was with others. Fasting together.

Watch and see this weekend, our services will be one step closer to heaven because of prayer, worship and fasting.

Grace and peace!

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One thought on “Thoughts on Fasting 01: Worshipping and Fasting

  1. Thanks Ben!
    Blessings to you and time you take to encourage us in the way of the Kingdom.
    A well fitted scripture and understanding of why we are doing this fast and worship as a family.
    I believe and receive where ever, whenever and whatever God has in store for me to released into, as I worship and fast throughout this time.
    Glory to God!

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