Principles for Local Church 03 – Understand Delegation

Nothing larger than three people can survive without the principle of delegated authority. Anyone in authority of anything growing must as the thing grows, be it a church or business or family, must learn how to delegate authority.

Now the purpose of this blog is to help you learn how to behave in church, because so many do not know. And this will help you – you cannot function in church if you do not know how to respond to delegated authority.

Most of us would love to deal with the CEO of the company and the lead pastor at the church, however as a church grows, it is not always possible to deal with the highest authority. If you cannot deal with delegated authority you are a mess waiting to manifest – a disaster waiting to happen – a collapse about to collapse.

God is ultimately the highest authority in the universe, but if God sends a pastor to a local church and you are in that church, make do with the pastor. If the pastor sends an associate pastor to visit you, or an elder, make do with the associate or elder. I am using stark language here, but it is so important you grasp this. So many Christians are too proud and arrogant to relate to delegated authority.

I know several people who will flow with me, but will not flow with one of my associates or elders. They cannot relate to delegated authorities. Some even failed to relate to my own wife! These people are not living in grace or wisdom! To walk in your destiny, you will have to deal with the people God has delegated, and the people that have been delegated by them and the people delegated by them and so on.

Abraham sent a servant to find a wife for Isaac. Would you be happy for one of your father’s employees to go find you a wife? Seriously? But Isaac submitted, and ended up one of the wealthiest men alive and had a better marriage than his father or son. Some people would allow their father to find a wife for them, but not the father’s delegate. Most people would feel like saying “how can a delegate choose correctly.”

Isaac had the humility and character to accept the wisdom and leading of delegated authority, and that led to the blessings of Abraham. He ended up in the lineage of Christ and became an awesome patriarch. Rejecting the authority of a delegate is possibly the most obvious sign of arrogance and the most common way the arrogant do not enter their destiny.

The most obvious example is those people who are born again but too arrogant to go to church. Another example is the people who will skip church if the lead pastor is away, another example is the people who only come when there is a big name guest speaker. It’s all arrogance and an unwillingness to accept delegated authority.

As Tree of Life grows, this skill may be one of the most important you learn. Selah.

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